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Beau Jonesy
Beau Jonesy
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Never claimed to be shit besides myself, in the truest definition tho from addiction to everything else coming at me im truly out the mud and blessed to b alive
Whats Up everybody its ya fam Beau Jonesy
Band/artist history
Oh damn, I grew up in a musically talented family, I started learning instruments as a young kid, my grandpa taught me, Rap hit me hard as soon as I heard it and I didnt start rapping actually until I was 15 under the name JFaith and I was with a group named Bond Servants we did Christian Music My style and flow has always been influenced by Bone Thugs, TI, Jigga Em etc but it has definitely had its ebbs and flows through the years, You get married have kids and i found out theres alot more pain in my voice since then lmfao jk love y chelly
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Lol man my first show was in front of like my fam and a few friends and I remember I wasnt allowed to be nervous bc my cousin moved past nervous and went straight to holy shit i caint do this lmao long story short we ended up doin the show and it was the most amazing feeling Ive ever had , Damn Good memories
Your musical influences
Em, Jigga ,Bone Thugs ,Krs, DMC, Beanie, Common Kendrick Logic Joyner as of recently and Dax shit alot more brain aint workin right
What equipment do you use?
Tonor Mic Beats Head Phones, Fruity Loops
Anything else?
Do You, fuck a hater fuck a tyrant race religion sexuality ur all beautiful
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