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Daniel Louis
Daniel Louis
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Last two years, have beern the most creative, productive time in my life.
Hero Of Ierland-Celtic POP Rock No Vox see Lyrics
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what kind of women- alt mix
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Alternate Reality Final fixed mix
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I have played music my whole life, from a toddler on up. I played in bands as a drummer many years, I wrote my first song, and became a front man singer songwriter. I am a disabled musician. Most people do not notice it, because it can not be seen, 100% loss of feeling in my left hand since 4th grade. When I do a song, esp. playing a vsti, I must do right hand, left hand, separate. I made many samples, loops, 1,000's from my home studio Outside Seattle until the crash of 08-09 and to this day, the real collapse continues. I also must use a lot of loops in my music, many recorded live by a musician, MIDI files My favorite role in music is hands down as a Producer first, my love, and have helped many for free, wrote them songs, recorded them, my Producing days, I Produce all my music as a solo artist. I have been told I am more of a composer, I agree, get to this, but I do not read a note of music. If it is not broke do not fix it LOL. I turned 60, I took several years off music, as I was in education at the time as a Professor, and another school as a Master Herbalist founder, Mentor. My other page under D'Abaldo was doing great. I see changes in SC, not the same interaction, I hope to do my small part to change that.
Band/artist history
40 years playing, after all these years still learning.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yes, loved it from day one.
Your musical influences
Supertramp, pink floyd, David Bowie, Dc Talk, Carman, Days of the new, Rush, Ambrosia, Journey, U2, so many. ELP, B.T., Styx, esp Denies D Young. Evanecence,
What equipment do you use?
PC DAW Vsti's to many to list, Novation Launchkey 49, old monitors, A Fender electric acoustic Guitar, Large diagram mic, getting another. Tascam TL 80 I think, very nice sound for price of mic, Presonus AudioBox ISB 96, U-PHOROA UM 2.Mixer only use when playong outside, with my small PA, mostly all, Audiobox and the DAW-Reaper, presonus artists one v4
Anything else?
I look to meeting others that want to colab
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