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Xlim Phantom Beats
Xlim Phantom Beats
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Producer Rapper Vocalist Editor Humanitarian DM or Email for Collaborations and Hire. Email - Ubonetsimsiska02@gmail.com #Drugfree #lovemaking
My real names are Ashley Msiska II, I'm 17 years old, from Lusaka Zambia, I'm a Music Producer and I love making friends I help those who are depressed and stressed Never ever feel alone in this world you have me and those who are secretly crushing and crying to be your mates
Band/artist history
I was 14 years when I started making beats on my mom's phone using those beat pad apps, I learnt a few tricks then I switched to using Jam Music maker which I used to make my first full beat which I included in my first album Trap world, I later upgraded to FL studio mobile when I was 16 where I recorded a couple of songs using my phone and made most of my trap world, Reborn and the unreleased album trap world II beats, I later on upgraded to FL studio PC, which is my current DAW, I've made a lot of beats using this DAW and it's my current working DAW I haven't gotten anywhere yet but I'm on my way to that stage of recognition soon!
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I haven't performed yet There was this competition I was supposed to go and perform to but I failed because most of my friends where not supporting it and most of them claimed that they were busy to attend it so I got discouraged because no one supported me and no one does till today!
Your musical influences
Metro booming!! Metro Booming has been my influence since day one, I've been following him and learning a few tricks from his music and I hope that one day I would get that chance of meeting him
What equipment do you use?
I do not have any studio equipment due to financial difficulties but I use a Laptop and my phone
Anything else?
Stay away from drugs, don't ever feel alone in this world because there are a lot of people who love you including me and there is that one who tries to show you that they love you but you don't give them the chance to, we all go through ups and downs, trust me it all gets better and well in the end I promise you! #Stay safe #AXP