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Sebastian Dudko
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Hi, my name is Sebastian Dudko, born in 1982 in Poland.
Band/artist history
I was taking piano lessons since early 90s, I used to play the keyboard in a few local bands, and in one of them I met Tomasz Luczak, who introduced me to computer software for making music (initially I was using Magix Music Maker, and then I switched to FL Studio, then known as Fruity Loops). That was in 2001. I had some successes with my computer music, for example my 2013 album "Island Of Secrets" was downloaded over 25,000 times. I also done some remixes for other fellow artists, as well as have been remixed myself a few times.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
In mid-90s I was taking part in local contests for young musicians, in which I achieved some successes (twice 3rd place and once 1st). The most memorable performance however was in 1997 while I was playing with a band. We had a small gig in Roskilde, Denmark, and that was my only live performance in foreign country. I was 15 years old.
Your musical influences
Mostly Jean Michel Jarre, but also trance scene. I also listen to a lot of 80s synthpop/new wave artists, and they are often my another inspiration.
What equipment do you use?
FL Studio
Anything else?
I'm not making music for profit, and not chasing after popularity. I'm happy if even one person appreciates my music. The thought that I made someone's day with my sounds gives me a huge satisfaction. However, if I had bigger audience, that would be even more uplifting.
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You have some excellent music. This track is fantastic. Cheers, Clive.