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Carrens86 (Silvester Jose), a self-taught House, Bedroom Electronic Musics producer. I greatly appreciate any kind of supports y'all been giving me, means alot!
Was born in a not so fancy hospital at Jakarta IDN, 30th Oct 2001 (18 y.o.) began loving Electronic musics since Junior High School and started making it in the tiny bedroom of Him with a very limited resources and with those, he tends to make the best music that he ever could so the audience can enjoy as much as he was making them.
Band/artist history
I started not knowing everything & never had any education in music, but electronic music has been my saver in my darkest moments in my life, I learned the basics on how to produce musics fully from Youtube and been just using my ears to make a music of my own style. My past are just awful and trying to move on from it has been my biggest challenge in life. I've found out making musics is just my way of life, I want to transfer my emotions through my unique musics and make people feel. I've learned that musics is the only way that I can feel fully alive in my boring life.
Your musical influences
Petit biscuit, Dj poolboi, Two lanes, Duskus, Alot more that has helped me go through my rough times. Not a musical artist but I would definitely mention my father. He's just a strong inspirational figure for me and my whole family, an unbreakable man no matter how rough the road ahead.
Anything else?
Don't let any negativity pass through you! The only way to progress farther in reaching your dreams, is to ignore the toxicity that will always there alongside your wonderful journey of life! Please enjoy your day & live your life to the fullest!
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