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LilMurk Laid Back Entertainment.
LilMurk Laid Back Entertainment.
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Save my voice!
Chu Chu Girl
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Chief Keefn
Turn my swag on
GTA V Young Scooter Ft Gucci Mane (Work)(Purge Sea
Murk mob
an. I'm on top of the map number one at what I do i maintain confidence and realize let these haters get it getting man maid money not going with me when I dip to paradise my name Mark Rollie here to express my feelings and how I came up with my ideas and lyrics really i could of did better if I wasn't smoking. Let's get it no shit. Here's thomas thompson. My jews.
Band/artist history
By just graduating school puting my haters out the picture cause who ever in this detention here to make it out and I know just how to stop haters from following me to put me down. The streets call me Lil murk but that's not my name I havent came up with one not that type of fuck boy nobody really citzen me unless I signed the deed that says you are me . Who are you? BandID? On planet earth how about a nice leader with knowledge create a blog discussin on money and things money buy i think money bullshit it cause a whole bunch of chaios if i vote you to be president that don't mean im with what you say im self made gentlemen that aint nasty fuck all that viking im not vibe to the rythem im not with that air floating hanging under grown ass kids that's adults now always hoping around looking dusty or think im a do boy which im not I hit bitches for it fam two even though I was adopted. Dont tell nobody I dont fuck with gta or clicked up mafia.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
YES...being able to throw a big party and perform limos came.thefirstchapterstartwheniis34goingon40whereiwillbewelcomebacktoagreatadventurearoundtheworldnationtwonationbacktoobackepisodesofgettongthehangofbeingthepersonyoualwaysinduretobepeace.
Your musical influences
GETTING OUT TO VOTE THE TV....nativeamerican.school computer ,group activity
What equipment do you use?
Mixpad mix craft audio druid voice changer...the ..yeah right
Anything else?
Fuck work pay me money over bitches if I leave this world without a rich chick remember I was better and future said the hoes aint shit they aint bitches or entertainment they just homeless. Or friendless let go of my
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