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Slyide With Me!!!!!!
What's Up I'm Slyide. I'm A Rapper With Autism. I Used To Write Poetry And I Decided To Rap. I Got My Own Style. Love Me Or Hate Me. You Can't Deny. I Got Talent.
Band/artist history
I Got Alot Going On With Music. I Decided To Take A Step Back And Gather Myself. It Ain't Been Easy. Almost Died A Couple Years Ago Trying To Win A Girls Heart. Lost My Best Friend Also Cuz I Reached Out To Her With Feelings Also. Been Through Sone Shit For Love. Finally Found The Right Girl. Now Trying To Turn Music Into A Cash Flow. My Family And I Are Poor. Always Have Been. Not Having Money To Push My Music Has Been Tough. I Got A Feeling Things Are About To Turn Around. Slyide with me!!!
Have you performed in front of an audience?
The friends I've made in music are my memories. The journey is a testament. The finish will be grand. I haven't performed... Yet........
Your musical influences
Eminem is the biggest. He paved the way for white rappers. Its a new game. And I plan to beat it.
What equipment do you use?
Bm800 Condenser Mic. Samsung quad core Desktop All In One PC. Akai Mpk mini. Samsung and Rca speakers and sub's. Still in need of a good headset.
Anything else?
I just want y'all to make me go viral for real.