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Q:Who Are You? Why Do You Make Music? A: I Am Delon Bouler better known as Lon-O my motive for music isn't to show the world that im just the same popular kid on the t.v. screen promoting clout or what you want to call it. Music isn't for just a onesided crowd to me. I make music to get the pain, , the bad, evil and negativity away from the sounds that are being delivered to our minds. Music is a mental state of thinking and if you dont have lyrics people can pull from then you're misleading your fans and listeners. Q: When did you first start approaching the music scene? A: 5th grade actually my bestfriend at the time Phillip Smith taught me how to write lyrics. He would always talk about his uncles and father raising him to do different things and music was one of them. He had a passion for it at that time. I dont know what he's doing with the music thing now though. Q: What Goals to you want to accomplish from being a music artist? A: Honestly I want to really get my side of the story out their. Show people that life aint just about the ghetto's misery. The hood taught us several things that we will forget about in time. This person might remember this lesson from childhood, the other person may forget and get lost in the lights of the streets but at the end of the day I want people to know that all decisions made are to be decided upon whether you gave life your all or rather crucified by it. Leaders come in all different forms. Whether you may think this person is a killer, a homosexual, burglar, or just a lame someone else might need that person in there life because of their guidance to them. I just want to accomplish an open world of thinking in my music and to show my listeners that my world is the stories I tell on my songs.
Band/artist history
I started actually recording my first songs at Zelskee's studio which at the time he was named Rashad. Sampling oldies like Mr. Postman, Mariah Carey, EWF, and slowing the beats down and adding kicks and snares under them. I remember recording my first track under an old biggie sampled instrumental "spit yo game talk yo shit grab yo gat call yo clique" and from then on my music had changed. I went from punchline rapping to hip-hop. I remember the question was brought up back in around 09' or 2010 from zelskee after recording a collab song with about 4-5 other local artist. He asked do you make Rap or do you make Hip Hop music?? I told him "I make hip-hop" he agreed and from then on I decided to make more inspirational music. "Medieval Thoughts" was my first Mixtape i worked on solo after receiving a recording studio from my mother on my birthday 12/17/1993 . All the people in my school who heard it said it was one of my greatest projects of all time. I have yet to find that mixtape it is lost and may never be found again though. I gave cd's to classmates and the ones I asked if they still had a copy of it said that they left them in a car they sold to some purchaser. All of them had the same story. How ironic is that? Make Money Fuck War was the second project. 2012 was when it was created and when i did a year in college at Eastern Michigan University, that EP should have taken off ! But things happen for a reason. In college i felt that that EP was amazing but the violence i talked about in there wasn't understood and was taken and portrayed wrong. The EP is called "Make Money, "Fuck War" so of course im giving people my political point of view and letting them know that this is my opinion about the world and the United States itself. But like every project I do, has Good and Bad topics because without the Bad lyrics on the album you can never clean out your mind with good. Its a step by step process and one song fades into the other to clear up the things written that seem misleading. Sometimes you just have to listen to Musicians music all the way from the beginning to the end. whether tolerable or not. I try to always listen to everything all the way through before i judge someone.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I was accepted to Miami Live 9/28/2019. Its my greatest accomplishment yet. Just to know that I have the people on my social media around me that will support me is my biggest deal. I didnt have the traveling expenses to go to open mic night though but in the future stage performance will always be in my heart.
Your musical influences
Influences seem to be Master P; The author and musician. Kid Cudi; The man and the artist Kanye West; Political and as a music artist. I have chosen these people because they were always influences in something other than music. Whether Master P was the most rowdy rap artist and people may discredit him, you have to actually see who someone is first before pointing the finger. the book Guaranteed Success helped me and my brother out of a lost way of thinking when my mother was losing homes left to right. I read that book while we lived in a halfway house near the church for a week. Kanye West is an inspiration because he speaks his mind, shows his creativity and passion for whatever he is currently portraying and guiding. He doesnt give up even when the crowd is looking at him strange all things are said and done for logical reasonings and for Kanye to stand up for whats right in 2019 is powerful. Kid Cudi is the same, he will speak his mind out as well and not care what people think. And he is human. He will show you publicly that he is hurting and will announce it to his fans and listeners and will guide you through life and actually make a change to better himself and then show his fans that he has actually made change and that they are not the only ones lost whether the money or the fame, he is always there for his fans. Thats how i want to be as well.
What equipment do you use?
Pro Tools and GarageBand
Anything else?
I'll Be Good
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