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Psychedelic rock from 1970, Light Rock 1986.
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ARMORED SKY (Live) 1970
Armored Sky (Live)
The Asking (Live)
DOWN THE ROAD (Acoustic Live)
Live Acoustic version
IT'S FOR MONEY(Live) 1970
Progressive Rock
Skyband was a signed USA east coast psychedelic rock group from 1969-1972. As the blacklight era began to fade into different music styles, the group disbanded. The psychedelic rock group consisted of (Al Fridkis: keyboards and lead vocals,) (Cecil Lyons: Bass guitar, saxophone, and background vocals), and Lenny Rocket: Drums and lead vocals). In the 1980s, Skyband reformed, changed the music style to soft rock, and shortened their name to Sky70. Lenny Rocket was the only original member from the 1970s band, and sings lead on all of the 1980s soft rock songs, all of which were recorded live. These new songs are available on most of the major worldwide music sites, and online stores. Since then Sky70 has been awarded a gold auddy from Uplaya (gold auddy #51788) in 2011 for their song The Asking. Skyband letter logo on T shirt picture courtesy of Bolt Cutter design, Denver, Colorado USA. Skyband page art by Pawel-Czerwinski Photography . Sky 70 logo type by AmazingMax, and Sky70 cover art by Prometey Sanchez Noskov. All used by license and permission. Many thanks from our band.
Band/artist history
Al Fridkis: Keyboards, lead vocals, Cecil Lyons: Bass guitar, saxophone, and background vocals, and Lenny Rocket: Drums and lead vocals. (Sky70 band 1986) is: Lew Levy: (Lead Guitar, & Acoustic Guitar) Arnie Maxx:(Bass Guitar), & Lenny Rocket:(Drums, E Drums, Lead vocals, and Rhythm Keyboard.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
We had a great time playing for our home State of NJ back in 1972 for a real wild crowd on blankets at West Long Branch by the beach.
Your musical influences
Our own band
What equipment do you use?
Les Paul Guitars, CF Martin Acoustic guitars, Fender Precision Bass, B3 Hammond organ, Roland Juno synths, Gretsch Drums, Ludwig Drums, Alesis DM10X E Drums, Tama Drums, Roland E Drums, Shure mics, Marshall Amps, Fender Amps, Peavey Amps, Kat 400 Watt Drum amp PA, to name a few, and anything else that may or may not be intended as a musical instrument for sound effects if needed.
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