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Ron Freeman
Ron Freeman
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Songs inspired by life as I see it today. Acoustic, electric, blues, rock, improvisational, solo, low-fidelity, folklore, singer-songwriter.
Hi, I'm Ron Freeman, I was born in Chicago, Illinois in 1965 ... My family and I moved to Texas in 1977. Back then there was still quite a clash from a big northern city like Chicago to a small southern town like Granbury, and later Bluemound, Texas where we eventually settled down. I have a lot of good memories of Texas in the eighties: ... guitar picking ... beautiful women ... country life, friends, some wild times!.. If only I knew then what I know now. I'm now back in Illinois, an amateur musician just enjoying the creativity music and computers have provided me for the past few years. I'm not wanting to be the next Elvis or Joe Satriani and progress has been slow. I'm a solo artist working on a low budget, recording and producing my own low fidelity songs at home. 2020/Feb. 4.
Band/artist history
Well there's music ... at some point we hear these noises and think: I want to do that ... then some of us do ... and some of us are quite good at it. Me, I just do it to be doing it, no one really ever said I was good at it, in fact I've gotten a few comments from other musicians telling me I should pack it in and go home, basically stop insulting everyone's senses (I love those outspoken types.. kinda) ... Well, good equipment would be a big help ... production ... you know ... money! My fantasy is to busk though, maybe when I'm older, and more experienced, I can qualify as some kind of de facto folkster ... raggedy, de-shoveled with a bible to guide my way of course. I mean, even if you are some kind of big artist, if you can't bring it down to earth once in a while then what are you? Just an "artist".. which is really artifice ... artificial and too much of that just for money with the irony of hardly anyone making any money at this anymore.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
No, not really. I did perform once at a party though, impromptu ... just ad-libbed some lyrics as I played acoustic guitar ... I think I depressed the hell out of everyone ... though one lady commented on how accomplished my finger picking while singing was, cool lady.
Your musical influences
Blues, old classic blues, new blues, rare tracks, rock. I hate what's happening to radio/music these days; And of course the Jesus story is a big influence, podcasts. It's a shame I can not think of any current influences except for some podcasts. Much of the music of the past seemed so lyrically unaware, though there were some exceptions. I love the free spirit of the old blues artists, nothing commercial! Then there's Heavy metal, that's a whole story in itself...rock and roll... .
What equipment do you use?
A Takamine acoustic guitar, an ESP electric, a thrift store amp, under a hundred dollars in recording equipment, a laptop with free Audacity software ... a few free plugins ... like the excellent TDR Nova.
Anything else?
Don't forget to check out my songs' data/info pages where I usually have related bible quotes in the "Story behind the song" section. .. oh and a big thanks to Sound Click, MP3U, and Band Camp's free websites! My songs are free. Download. Enjoy.
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