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Rocksmyth Music Company
burlington, Canada
February 26, 2004
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Rocksmyth Music Company : a diverse group of three individuals with a unique flair for rock and roll!
Band/artist history
Guitars,vocals- Greg Willigar, born in New Brunswick, Greg has played and sang, "all my life." Bass,vocals- Mark Blanshard,from Waterdown Ontario,keeps the bottom end down,and sings as well Percussion- Stew Smith,fro Burlington Ontario,is fabulous stickman with an uncanny ability on the drums ,to keep the other two inline!
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yes.Golden horseshoe area, yes we love playing live, every time we get up on the stage front of people and giver' thats what all the woodshedding is about.
Your musical influences
Ozzy, Zakk, Priest, Willie Nelson, Nugent,VanHalen, kiss, doobie bros, and just about everything else at one time or another.
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GOOD SHYT HERE MAN!!....I liked it.....I soon start a radio.....keep me posted so I can add you....I have songs on my page myself....you should come by and check them out and vote...I'd highly appreciate it...thanks
I'll keep it brief: Very Good music.
OH MY FREAKING GAWD !!! Here I've been looking for Greg W for years and finally find him !!! I still have those 5 songs we wrote so far back when we was such yungins. It's so exciting to see you kept with the music too. I'll see about getting you some of the songs I've recorded. This is so great. I see you play and like the same music you liked then.
Just discoverd your stuff. Freedom Highway has such kick ass tone!! I loved it. Great song.... added it to my radio.
Just heard one of your tunes on Scrub Radio and came to say...you rawk
burlington, Canada
February 26, 2004
8,516 plays
Heath Houston
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