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Hey, my name is XANKIDD aka YUNG XANKIDD. I would describe myslelf like this lil depressed boy that no one likes :) I just want to speak my mind trough music
Today #31 in Emo subgenre
As I was saying I go by the name XANKIDD. Pretty much becouse when I was 14 on drugs I was hanging out with a bunch of bad people, and they like kinda made fun of me and they started to call me Xan Kid. So I just used that as a reminder that I have to remember the shit from the past to be able to make better decisions in the future. Also I really Am working on getting sober, but lately everything has been so fucked up that I need to focus on something else even If it is a acid trip. And my real age is 333. /3
Band/artist history
I mean there is no history really. Becouse Im trying to make the history for my name. But like XANKIDD started as I was saying when I was 14. I was just an instagram nickname. But in 2019 I was like lets do this like I have nothing to wait for. So I started with my music.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Nah, I never had. But I feel like if I was to perform in front of anyone I would sh*t myself and run of the stage.
Your musical influences
My biggest inflence still till this day is Lil Peep. Like when he had passed away I was heavy on drugs. So I just like stopped with xans for like a week. But everyone who has done xans and been adicted knows that it just doesnt work like that. But if we get bet to my influences I think my music is a mix of what Im listening to. Like I love artist like $uicideboy$, Fat Nick, Pouya, Shakewell, but as I was saying I love Lil Peep and the whole GBC like Tracy, Horsehead, Wicca and all of them really. Lately I was listening to Yung Leans older stuff. I feel like I can really relate to him in a way.
What equipment do you use?
I mean, I dont have no studio or anything. I just use my 300$ microphone and I use my gaming PC to mix all my stuff, I mean like if we wanna get deep to like interfaces and sh*t I have that too, but it aint no big studio level stuff.
Anything else?
Listen to my music, if you like it thats pretty much my job done. 3