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My name is Tony Jones, My official music artist name is T33GA. I am a EDM/Progressive-House/Electro-House/Bass/Piano-House/Bigroom, Music Artist/Producer/DJ. I am from Merseyside,UK and am twenty four years old. I have had my music release to all major digital music site, signed to three different record companies. I have also had one of my tracks (Digital) broadcasted on BBC Merseyside Radio were i was discovered and had great feedback of the presenters and listeners. My main goal is to make music for all my fan and make them feel great, positive and uplift them in their hard times. Also inspire fans to make their own music, guide and give advise/feedback to anyone who asks or needs it.
Band/artist history
2010 - 2012 I always had a interest in music and got my inspiration from Dr Dre. I started off learning how to make basic Hip-Hop beats using tutorials and guides. 2013 Heading into 2013 I started pushing out electronic dance music out as my interest on making Hip-Hop beats started fading. I am inspired by multiple artists such as Martin Garrix, Swedish House Mafia ,KSHMR and many more. Learning how to produce a electronic dance track was much different to a basic beat but you had no limits. 2014 -2015 After learning different aspect of electronic music, genres, styles and researching were my best type of sound was, I started producing my own tracks and releasing them on platform such as Soundcloud, Spinnin Record Talentpool and reaching out to independents record labels too. No labels got back to me 2016 Time past as i carried on making tune after tune not really knowing how to promote or market my tracks. Out the blue a independent recording company called Wolfrage Recording got in touch and wanted to sign my track (Time Travel) which at the time was release under my old artist name Jonesy-T. This was the first time i got signed and my music release to all major digital music site. 2017 after a great year in 2016 it was time to push more music out and i continued too and got contacted by my second independent recording label called Foxes Recording about my track (Hype), also this was released under my old artist name. They signed the track and it got release onto all major platforms. I also performed for the first time in Liverpool, UK which i got a lot of positive feedback and energy. 2018 Five year since making electronic music and i had two tracks released by two different labels so i focused more on my social platform such as Spinnin Records Talentpool, Sounscloud and building myself a website, also engaging with fans. This year was more to building a foundation with fans and my social platforms but still manage to push a few tracks out and ended up getting signed after my track (Voices) got recognised on the Spinnin Record Talentpool by Wowland Records. This got release to all major digital music platforms under my real name Tony Jones. 2019 I had a catalogue of music now three which were released by three different independent labels. I was trying to find my own was of releasing my music and ended up getting my own distributor. Now I have got the tool to release my own music to all major stores what i want and build myself up as an independent music artist. This was a great year not only did i have my own distributor my track Digital which is release under my current artist name T33GA was broadcasted on BBC Merseyside Radio as one of their presenter were impressed with the track. I also released a ten track EP call The Triple L EP which is available on all major digital music site now and a few singles too. 2020 This year i have focused on engaging more with my fans, but also have released two singles so far, Mr Robot Bass and Anubis. Experimenting with different sounds and genres too.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I have performed in Liverpool, UK
Your musical influences
Martin Garrix is a big part of why i make electronic dance music today. Martins music elevated and inspired me in lots of ways and always made me feel positive. I have many more too like: R3HAB, KSHMR, Mike Williams, Brooks, David Guetta, Tiesto, Julian Jordan, Matisse & Sadko, Laidback Luke, Oliver Heldens, Avicii, Swedish House Mafia and many more.
What equipment do you use?
DAW - FL Studios 20 Instruments - Axiom Air 32 Mini Piano
Anything else?
My track (DIGITAL) got played on The BBC Merseyside Radio on the 14th September 2019.
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