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My name is Tony Jones and my artist name is T33GA.I am a twenty four years old electronic/electro-house musician/producer from UK,Merseyside. Since 2013 i have
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My name is Tony Jones and my artist name is T33GA. I am a twenty four years old electronic/electro-house musician/producer from UK,Merseyside. For the last six years i have self taught myself to make electronic music, and to this day i am still learning. I have gain recognition though many platforms such as The Spinnin Records Talentpool, Souncloud and digital music stores, Also gaining recognition through social media. One day i hope to inspire and help other though my music, even teach others various production skill to make a electronic track.
Band/artist history
2012 I first begun making music myself at sixteen. I was into hip-hop at this time more than electronic music, I was inspired by DR DRE. I began to create little hip-hop beats, and didn't have much to do with them as i didn't know rappers or how to market them at the time. I kept making more and more anyway just in case anybody wanted to used them in their tracks. 2013 A year later at seventeen where i built a bigger feeling towards electronic music after hearing Martin Garrix - Animals on the radio and i was like "wow" after already knowing my way around the software FL Studio through creating hip-hip beats i started learning from different tutorials how to structure a basic dance track, styles etc. 2014 -2015 At eighteen i fully left the hip-hop beats behind me and started learning more and more about the electronic dance music. i release a few track at this time some where not good looking back now due to the lack of experience i had. but the best thing to come from a bad track is that you can learn from the mistakes you make on the previous, study how to fix them and apply the fixes on the next project. 2016 At twenty i started building my Soundcloud page up, by releasing tracks so artist/listeners can find my music and give me feedback. If it was bad i would go back, review the track and learn from the mistakes. I also submitted make first ever track under my old name Jonesy-T called TIME TRAVEL to a small independent label called Wolfrage Recordings. they really like the track and signed it to the label. 2017 At twenty one continuing to learn different ways to produce i was starting to make a catalog of all tracks made by uploading them to Soundcloud, gaining supporters everyday. I got signed to another small independent label called Foxes Recording with my track called HYPE. I also DJ for the first time in a club in Liverpool,UK 2018 At twenty two i built up fans on soundcloud, started upload tracks to Spinnin Records Talentpool, which has helped me a lot with everyone support and feedback, too widen my audience. not getting much back from major labels i stepped back to independent labels where i was approached by a label called Wowlands Records through The Spinnin Records Talentpool when they listened to my track VOICES which got signed and released under my birth name Tony Jones. 2019 Twenty three and i am now confidant to release tracks, reaching out/replying to my fan base which i am gaining everyday. not afraid to got the extra mile a reach out to labels/A&Rs etc. I have various releases such as: Triple L EP, Digital, Waya etc on the digital music store through label companies and myself such as: Spotify, AmazonMusic, ITunes etc. I have been gain exposer though the BBC Introducing too and my now released track Digital got broadcasted on the BBC on September 14th.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I have played live in Liverpool,UK
Your musical influences
Martin Garrix Dr Dre
What equipment do you use?
Pioneer DJ RX2 M-Audio Air 32 Mini Fl Studios 20
Anything else?
My track (DIGITAL) got played on The BBC Merseyside Radio on the 14th September 2019.
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