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Crazy Loser in a Box
Crazy Loser in a Box
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We are Crazy Loser in a Box. An experimental/alternative rock band and unique clothing brand.
Sorawo Miageru Youni
Madeline Lew   /collab
Crazy Loser in a Box - Jumper (Third Eye Blind Cov
Patrick Lew Band   /collab
7. Killing You - ft. Satoru Hayashi
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CLIAB - There Might Be
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CLIAB - Demise So Tender
We are Crazy Loser in a Box. An experimental/alternative rock band and unique clothing brand. Genre: Experimental/Avant Garde, Alternative Rock, Japanese Rock Band Members: Yanderu-Chien (singer/songwriter), Raspberry Tea (improvisational artist), Satoru Hayashi (guitarist) Hometown: San Jose, CA Record Label: EvinDub FORMED: 2017 Crazy Loser in a Box! is one of many vanity projects by Viet-Swiss-American singer/songwriter Yanderu-Chien, in collaboration with Japanese-American guitarist Satoru Hayashi, and Canadian-American improvisational artist Raspberry Tea. Their songs are cobbled together from various poems from 1998 - present day. Yanderu-Chien enjoys creating music she believes friends and fans can relate to, and admits to "wearing [her] own darkest impulses on [her] sleeve" so that others will feel empowered to be themselves. The band was formed in 2017. Their first single came out in the summer of 2018 and their debut album, Freckles, was released in January 2019, featuring music from guitarist Satoru Ryukan. Yanderu-Chien describes their style as "no real genre in particular, but possibly experimental/alternative." In February 2019, Yanderu-Chien, while suffering from pneumonia, impulsively cobbled together the band's second album. CHERNABOG! From Birthday to Deathbed is comprised of songs she and featured artist Raspberry Tea had improvised earlier that month. It was released in March 2019. Their third album, Get Out and Get It Out There, is composed of several instrumental tracks Yanderu-Chien composed as a child, as well as songs she wrote in her teens. It was released in May 2019. Their fourth album will feature much more work with Satoru-san and Raspberry Tea. Their clothing line will be available by February 2020.
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