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Dark Walker
Dark Walker
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I've worked as a blues singer, saxophonist, harmonica player for over 50 years. I've made three solo albums. I write my own lyrics and melodies. I love to rock!
Astral Safari
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Wind & Thunder Gods /Fujin & Raijin
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Alien Cowboy 7
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All Day Saturday Night
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Actually After playing blues and rock' n roll most of my life. I branched out and started taking jobs on cruise ships playing deep house. After that, I became aware Of the other musical styles that fit the way I play. Trip Hop, Chill Hop, Low Fi... after being told that I could not practice my saxophone in our apartment I began playing an electronic wind instrument. Using Logic Pro X I discovered I could play guitar sounding solos on this instrument. My first big influence was Jimi Hendrix so for me this was somewhat of an epiphany! I also was influenced by the movie scores In the 50s, 60s, and 70s. Now I have everything I need to create right in the comfort of my own home. I still go on tours but I have another side the bands I play with know nothing about, The Dark Walker! Oh, I'm playing almost all the sounds on the Dark Walker songs on an electronic wind instrument it's only the drums I need help with.
Band/artist history
He played in The Luther Tucker Band backing artists such as Lowell Fulson, Percy Mayfield, Big Mama Thornton, Jimmy Dawkins... He plays the harmonica in many styles such as James Cotton, Sonny Terry, Charley McCoy but still very much himself. Recorded and toured with Michael Bloomfield Band in the late '70s. Played in several bands and on many CD recordings with folk blues musician Eric Bibb. Derrick toured and recorded with Zora Young, Jimmy Dawkins, Albert Collins... Derrick began playing with a band called the Soul Rebels with members from Pearl Harbor and the Explosions (1977-80), who were working for Bill Graham as a warm-up band in Bill's nightclubs. They fronted acts such as the Dead Kennedy's, The Ramones, Greg Kihn, The Beat, and many others.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
They are all special to me!
Your musical influences
Jimi Hendrix, Jhon Coltrain, Muddy Waters.
What equipment do you use?
On the tracks that I'm posting here, I'm using an EWI 5000 and an iPad.
Anything else?
Most of the music I'm playing here has no classification, of course, it would be nice to give feedback If any of you appreciate what I'm doing!
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