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OsO One Selfless Opportunist lyrical wordplay lyricist old school meets new school Spanish LLCoolJ Versatile East Coast HipHop influenced
OsOJenx Started his music career on the South Side of Reading Pa. Some of the worst streets and time in PA History. Started writing music at 13 years old. then started recording himself mixing and mastering himself and his friends. As a teen he played football and did music when not on the field. He eventually linked up with a kid in his area that moved to PA from Chicago. they created Ripperz Realm Music and started dropping their music as teens on Soundclick and other platforms for underground artists at the time. They both became like the Latino D block of the city and with their sound and production was also recording new and up and coming artists in their area. OsOJenx traveled around along the east coast due to family issues as well in his household still making music networking. 2007 OsOJenx had a fall down in his life and was force to put stuff on hold. 10 yrs later OsOJenx is back and doin shows. Started his Clothing Line OsOWear all stemming from his lifestyle growing up and his music.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
done music appearances with many major artists with shows from Ct and PA
Your musical influences
NAS Dmx JAdakiss Styles P BigL Wutang Cypress hill biggie tupac
What equipment do you use?
studio 1 pro tools acidpro sony vegas