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Ridik Emcee
Ridik Emcee
3 Tracks
Hip Hop, Blues, Rock and soul vocals laced with graphic, candid, over the top subjects, technical lyricism and crunching melodies.
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Ridik Emcee-Stand Tall
Peak in sub-genre #61
Oregonian pioneer based in the UK with whiskey on my breath and rhymes in my head. I blend Hip Hop, Blues, Soul, and Rock vocal styles over many genres of music, doing most of the production myself from start to finish. Most of my beats are composed and built from scratch, although I do enjoy using other people's work. I rap about many topics, whatever inspires me, but a lot of the time I focus on politics, life's hardships, and personal issues. The "Ridik" in Ridik Emcee is a play on ridicule. I'm the class clown and basically look at music through the lens of a satirist. I take the villainous and evil and make it minuscule. I take the piss out of life's struggles as a way of getting through them and laughing things off. My hope is that through my music I will help some people be happy and get through hard times. I am candid and over the top, and at times deliberately shocking. I am the kind of man that grows a five o clock shadow by twelve. I am obnoxious and loutish, thick headed and vulgar. I swear, drink, and shout at people in the pub. I often say the one thing that everyone is thinking but too ashamed to say, and I have no shame. I have a beer belly and tired, wrinkled eyes from years of smiling and having a good time. I have ADHD and a tic disorder which makes me scratch my hands at times until they bleed. I was ridiculed in youth and rejected by most. I was the poor kid in the rich town that lived by the train tracks and walked alone to and from school. I have had a hard life, but not as hard as many. We all go through it and we all struggle and that is why music and comedy, as well as uplifting words are sometimes needed. That's what I go for every time. Please enjoy my music, and moreover, please send me money for it so I can buy Gin and Bourbon.
Band/artist history
Started rhyming at 13 in Oregon after hearing Rage Against the Machine for the first time. Started making beats a few years ago. I'm 34 now, and in spite of what some people might say, now is the perfect time for making music. The rhythm pulses within.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I perform around the midlands of the UK and hit the stage at lease once a month. Wanting to branch out more as I go. Leicester has a fantastic music scene and Hip Hop is vibrant and positive. The UK is doing things in Hip Hop at the moment and Leicester is to become one of its hubs as artists here develop and branch out.
Your musical influences
Rage Against The Machine, Non Phixion, Rolling Stones, Jurassic 5, Rainbow, Hieroglyphics, Judas Priest, Jedi Mind Tricks, Dee Snider/Twisted Sister, Motorhead, Anthrax, Wu Tang, Public Enemy, Esham, Chase and Status, Muse, ICP, Twiztid, Johnny Cash, Marilyn Manson, Willie Nelson, Stone Sour/Slipknot, Jehst, Limp Bizkit, Phi Life Cypher, Korn, Slayer, Pantera, Eminem, Tech N9NE, Busta Rhymes.
What equipment do you use?
FL Studio VST Plugins Drum Pads Ukulele Keyboard
Anything else?
https://www.facebook.com/ridikemcee https://www.instagram.com/ridikemcee/ https://www.youtube.com/user/Ridikarus https://soundcloud.com/ridikemcee
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