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Bishop Of Babble
Bishop Of Babble
13 Tracks
Soulful lyrics and authoritive delivery all wrapped up in one bundle. A new sound from the WestCoast. A definite listen!
You Started Some Shit
Cali Dub (Bishop, D'zyl, Authist)
Peak in sub-genre #23
Just Another Song
All I Need ft. D'zyl, D'lemm-Uh & Dorian Grimes
Just Because ft. D'zyl -n- D'lemm-Uh
David Vara, aka Bishop, is not your typical Mexican rapper, in fact, he's not even your typical human. This blessed individual is probably one of the most soulful artists ever heard of. Although he is of Latin descent, he strives his hardest to break the stereotype of Mexican/Chicano rap. His soulful lyrics and variable voice can capture even the most stubborn of listeners. The good thing about his style is that...even if you don't know this man, each verse he does will make you feel like you've known him your whole life and he's venting to you. He's not afraid to delve into categories and subjects that the average rapper would feel too proud to tackle. With the spirit of the greats of old and the talent of the new school, this Southern Californian native can hold it down with the best of them. A legend in his own day, this man will most likely be the next Latin rapper to make it big and represent a very proud people, and represent them well. A father, a friend, and an excellent businessman, Bishop will surely capture your ears and imagination with ingenuity, humor, and a style that is truely RENAISONIC.
Band/artist history
Starting doing music at 13, and mastered my skill. Along the way I came across some interesting characters, but I found that I'm my best when I'm with my current crew-UPROAR!!!!! which consists of D'zyl, Dj Sir Nose, D'lemm-Uh, and Teflon Vest. We definitely have a unique sound together that demands your attention when heard. All in all no one's hotter.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yes. Various places. Yes. There this was concert that I did in Skid Row in Los Angeles. There was a lot of people there that had nothing, but no matter, they were joined together by one common love-music.
Your musical influences
Bone, EWF, Prince, Dj Quik, all types of good music because good music is universal.
What equipment do you use?
AKG 3000B mic, Eurorack 36 Multritrack mixing board (imported from Japan), Acid 3.0/4.0, Omni I/O (soundcard breakout box), Sony VAIO, Protools, Cakewalk, Technics Monitoring Sound System (also imported from Japan), and 100% Latin Soul (homegrown in San Bernardino, Ca).
Anything else?
I'll let my music speak for itself.
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