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VU Lux Parallel
VU Lux Parallel
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'VU Lux Parallel ' introduces a fresh new instrumental experience in smooth, fusion Jazzscapes and lucid, progressive SoundDreams!
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VU Lux Parallel features smooth, but adventurous & entrancing ambient Jazzscapes. Transcending Keyboard passages through lush soundscapes composed and interwoven with expressive Fusion and New Age textures. With counter-melodic changes and evolving passages, the musical arrangements feature an evolving taste of soft, smooth and up-front Thermal Romantic Jazz cuts and unique lucid SoundDreams. The dynamic presence is reflected in the delicate subtle movements highlighting ethereal Keyboard layering and the spectrum of complex and Intensive Fusion influenced progressions. VU Lux Parallel delivers a diverse menu of instrumental jazz seasoned with ambient sound colors.
Band/artist history
The project was launched in December 2018, by Jazz Artist Michael Lee Thomas, whos previous musical efforts have released over 60 Albums in the Jazz & New Age genres. He brings to this project all his vast experience of composition and recordings from his 'Michael Lee Thomas', 'Thrill Element' , 'Tom Slayton Effect', 'Gravity Quiet' and 'Norm Alperson' albums. In December 2018, the First 'VU Lux Parallel' album, Helium Blue', made its debut featuring a focus on smooth & fusion jazz compositions and arrangements. And in Fall 2020, the second album, 'The Third Forever', is slated to be released. Along with the studio recordings, sometime in 2021, Michael intends to gather a first class group of professional artists to complete the on-stage Live presence of the project. Plans call for the project to be an evolving & continuing endeavour for many years to come!
Your musical influences
Tangerine Dream, Pink Floyd, David Sanborn, Joe Sample
Anything else?
Discography: 'Helium Blue' (2018); 'The Third Forever' (2020)