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Of Another And Another
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Eazy Live
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My (rap/hip hop) music has a lot of metaphors and idioms which makes it bedazzling to the imagination. The vivid imagery is compounded by a deluge of multi-syllable rhyme schemes that enhance the flow entirely. The unique out-of-this-world beats that back up the vocals make the compositions quite fascinating to listen to, and even though I created it I highly recommend it!
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yea. . i remember dissing a few old people in the front cuz they were looking at me like i was a rapper (therefore incapable), and i was asked to leave (not after of course)making fun of them using improvisation which froze their heads i.e. blew their minds because . . . it's impressive (not to mention they can't/couldn't do it even if they tried for the last years of their miserable lives)! . J/K lmao
Your musical influences
Eminem, Wax, Tech N9ne, Hopsin, Big L
What equipment do you use?
A Reason 5 template and a blank 'sheet' of paper.
Anything else?
Fresh from the oven, /hot grease spatters the lambs/ I'm makin' a splash/hydrated with gas/light flames with my ass in a can/ Of *whoops*, lit up like the fire underneath me crappin' a tan/ With a snap from the branch/when it's zappin' the handle/I have on life like a flash in the pan/ I've a flask and some cannabis/energy's up eyes brightening/ Maybe that has to do/with the Caribou Lou/and the tablet or two/that floods white lightning/ Throughout my soul's veins, /cocaine locatin' ta' ho(m/n)e base/ Old flames/safe zones/in my own game/to showcase/donatin' my whole brain/ To go crazed/to know thangs/you don't think/would come back to haunt you/ To smoke laced/blunts roach spray/plus propane/hoods bagged up in law school/ Til 'em shnook crooks take oath to The Good Book put traffickers to push/ Half of their stashes/out to the masses/as the first allegations that they could hook/ You figure eights/shiftin' shapes na (na) I don't think so/ You reap what you sew/so shall you reap/bow down to the street like this ground's for beef yo/ Zip your mouths up/you dick-suckin' clowns/" *WHAT?*/what did we do?* "/ You made me proud to be an out-of-bounds boundary breaker *(ah) fuck it me too!/ Every day is just a copy of another and another as I/ Variate from a zombiesque defunct cliché to a lover not a fighter that I/ Can only be when I smoke my weed/got my dosage in me, a bunch of uppers and some other cap-sized/ Tabs I/brand my/madminds/last lines/as I/have my panaceas, / **GULP** thats right/ Roll in thunder my abysmal winters filtered with bottles/ Now if I don't pick up my anti-depressants I'll have (some) bitter pills to swallow/ For real, I almost ended up blasting myself with the steel/ Another statistic man/in a histogram/on the wall of some office/wheel n' deal/ In' pills, psychiatrists/try to flip/my eye a lid/ Dull to make me sane to the state/shades of grey lose their jades/bidin' my t ime to death/ The fluids in my brain restrain/the usual drainage from mutual days/ Of cruel and unusual punishment/due to funded-mental roots I knew at eight/ Confusin' hate with the rules and the shame that the superego fueled with pain/ I knew what to make of the universe when the truth became "The Truth" it aint/ I felt humiliated, /I ain't built the same/but I'm still da' king/ Bob be weavin' the ducks souped up to compete for the muck's stump spud I'm a Fischer mayne/ Blaze you cooked bookworms while I cut da bait they'll anchor/ Themselves into my mind/identif
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