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Daniel Vargas
Daniel Vargas
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Mi nombre es Daniel Esteban Vargas Sanchez, tengo 15 años (2018), nativo de Bogotá, Colombia. Musico con mas de 7 años de experiencia. Soy un musico independ
-What did you do before you became a Christian? I was a producer of music EDM, artistically known as Mistery Horse, I produced this genre for 3 years, reaching positions in the music industry, currently with more than 3 albums distributed in the largest digital stores worldwide. Focused my music mainly in the Progressive House and Big Room, reaching the position 141 in the Spinnin Talent Pool of the best electronic tracks (In Egypt - VIP MIX) -How has your experience as a musician been? It has been great, I do not regret anything sincerely, the music took me to great things, my talent would not replace it for nothing. I play mainly electric guitar, but there are secondary instruments like bass, piano, drums that I can play but not professionally like the guitar. I have played alone in a church but from there I have received many opportunities to play in very large places and churches of high influence. -What has been your reason to get to produce Christian music? I never expected to be producing this type of music, my EDM music was excellent, I had no reason to leave but many supernatural things abounded in my soul that tormented all my days, demons, shadows, voices were one of the things that scared me every day . In the midst of all the pain I had in my heart I became, not by desicion, but by the call of God. I do not want to tell any details of this, I will soon tell my testimony
Band/artist history
Everything was born from the call of God towards me to produce this type of music, since April 2018, in the middle of my call, dedicate my music to God, claiming the promise that God says (Our music will heal the earth - NIV). I do not have a story as such to tell but when I have it, I will tell it!
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yeah sure! I collaborated with a praise group for 7 years but for a year I retired, I do not remember the reasons but a year later I returned. In a concert collaborating with a band, I saw how the audience enjoyed listening to us, it was the first time I could see that and it is an impressive memory
Your musical influences
Well, I've based my music on bands like For Today, En Mi Lugar and Redimidos. But I have taken the techniques to produce the genre in bands like Korn, Slipknot, Asking Alexandria and more.
What equipment do you use?
I record the voices with a condenser microphone brand Audio-Technica (Of course when I produced the song En medio de sombras, I used a conventional Shure microphone). I use a Neewer Phantom font, sent from the United States. I use a BC Rich brand guitar, Mockingbird Model and a Yamaha Pacifica 013 Brand guitar and the rest has been produced in FL Studio 12.5