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Graduation Ceremony / Memorial Day Theme Song: "Ep
A Song Dedicated To The Love Of Your Life: "Heart
A Song Dedicated To Your Loved Ones: "Letter Of My
Intermediate Level Legendary Piano Song: "To My He
A Poppy Love Song: "Spring"
A Father's Day Song: "My Sentiment [To The Father]
A Song About Grief & Loss: "A Sorrow Of Love"
A Sad Film Score: "Perdition Of Memories"
A Sad Song: "My Eternal Despair"
Patriotic Theme Inspired: "Heroic Heart"
Video Game Music Inspired: "A.L.P.H.A. Theme Piano
Final Fantasy 7 Remake Battle Theme [Re-imagined]
Tropical Theme Song Inspired: "Island In The Sun"
Mother's Day Inspired Piano Song: "Tender"
Asian Drama Inspired: "March Of The Empire"
September 11th Memorial Song
Two Steps 2 Hell Inspired: "Save Me"
Beautiful Relaxing Study Music Inspired: Heart And
Clint Eastwood Western Style Inspired: "Adventure
Final Fantasy Piano Collections Inspired: Let Me B
Drama Film Inspired: Under Pressure REM
Town Simulation: Village Theme REM
Lullaby Song Inspired: Goodnight REM
Drama Film Music Inspired: A Sad Story REM
Nobuo Uematsu Inspired: Ocean Breeze REM
Nobuo Uematsu Inspired: All Aboard REM
Shadow Of The Colossus Inspired: Battle Royale REM
Mother's Day Love Song Inspired: La Madre Del Amor
Organ Music For Church: Rise Of The Spirit REM
Tom And Jerry Inspired Song: Cat And Mouse REM
King Arthur Inspired Theme Song: Let Me Be The Her
Final Fantasy X Character Theme Inspired: Blissful
Scott Joplin's 'The Entertainer' Inspired: Join Th
Beautiful Heartfelt Piano Song: Letter Of My Heart
Halo Video Game Inspired: Epic Theme REM
Grade School Band Music Inspired: Dream Chaser REM
John Williams Inspired: A Soldier's Heart REM
Very Beautiful Easy Sad Song For Beginner Pianists
I Have Composed this 100th Song For You: Incognito
Hans Zimmer Inspired: Road to Redemption REM
Relaxing ASMR Music: Underwater Cavern REM
Experimental Techno Beat Inspired: Hustle REM
Punk Piano Man Overture
Video Game Music Inspired: Unfelt Touch REM
Chrono Trigger Inspired: Armed for Battle REM
Metal Gear Solid Inspired: A.L.P.H.A. Theme REM
Joe Hisaishi Inspired: Grassy Hills Under The Star
Brunuhville Inspired: Creed
Joe Hisaishi Inspired: Journey 2 Us
Apocalyptica Inspired: The Trail Of Tears
Joe Hisaishi Inspired: Memories Of Light
Yo-Yo Ma Tan Dun Inspired: Reflections
Spiritual Music Inspired: A Bed Of Roses
Christmas Music Inspired: O Come, All Ye Faithful
Christian Rock Band Inspired: Love In Me
Apocalyptica Inspired: Quest For Fire
Joe Hisaishi Inspired: Spring Garden
Naruto: Sadness Sorrow Inspired: A Silver Lining
Joe Hisaishi Inspired: A Summer's Day
2 Steps From Hell Inspired: To Glory
Metal Gear Solid Inspired: The Patriot
Inspirational Choir Song: Devine
Joe Hisaishi Inspired: The Gathering
Serj Tankian Inspired Orchestral Track: Rock The H
Joe Hisaishi Inspired: Spirit
Patriotic Anthem Inspired: Promised Land (Piano Ve
Nobuo Uematsu Inspired: Home Sweet Home
Joe Hisaishi Inspired: Through The Rain
Harry Gregson-Williams Inspired: Heart Of Courage
Hans Zimmer Inspired: Ascension
Joe Hisaishi Inspired: Serendipity
Final Fantasy IX - You're Not Alone Inspired: Sorr
Joe Hisaishi Inspired: Blossom
Joe Hisaishi Inspired: Summer
Yiruma Inspired: Affections
Brunuhville's Gothic Fantasy Inspired: Melancholy
Joe Hisaishi Inspired: Until The End Of Time
Rock Inspired Song: Do You Love Me?
Joe Hisashi Inspired: Mine
Tan Dun, Yo-Yo Ma Inspired: My Beloved
Johannes Brahms Lullaby Inspired: Air Lullaby
Joe Hisaishi Inspired: Farewell (To A Love Of Mine
Joe Hisaishi Inspired: You I
Metal Gear Solid Inspired: The Majestic
80's Insired Battle Theme: The Resistance
Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata Inspired: Moonlight D
Final Fantasy Inspired: Promised Land
Immediate Music Inspired: Serenata Essentia
Joe Hisaishi Inspired: The Romantic In You