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Bluesy Ron
Music major in college, worked around the industry for 30 yrs, retired and started composing again 2 yrs ago.
28 top 50
60 songs
1.3K plays
Strange Journey
space sleep
Surfing Past Jupiter
Yamaha MX61, Yamaha AN1X, Roland RS5, Arturia Microbrute bass, Yamaha MX61 guitar, DSI Rev2 clavinet, Korg Nutekt lead
Joyful Recovery
this song was done after i recovered from covid
Ten Oscillators
if an oscillator is a sound then try to count the ten oscillators that mske up the lead played here it is all played simultaneously
The songs that I place here are a variety ranging from blues, rock and maybe even a little jazz. All songs here were written, performed using real instruments (I simply loathe VST's and refuse to use them) that I actually play myself, recorded using presonus studio one.3, and mastered on the same software. I hope you enjoy.
Band/artist history
Been playing various instruments since the 1960's. I was a music major in college, majoring on trumpet and piano, started composing in the late 1980's, I write everything from classical to rock, blues and some jazz. I play through 12 different keyboards.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I played with various bands up until 3 years ago.
Your musical influences
For this genre some of all, rick wakeman, Robert lamm, and a lot of bands from the 1960's
What equipment do you use?
DSI. Prophet Rev 2, Roland RS5, Arturia Microbrute, ARP. Odyssey, MOOG. Subsequent 37 CV, Yamaha AN1x (actually designed by Dave Smith), Hammond XK1c organ, Yamaha MX61, Roland GoPiano, KORG. Minilogue, KORG. MS20 mini, and finally RHODES. Piano manufacture date 1972. There is also a KORG drum machine. The midi channels are routed through a MOTU. Interface and then via USB into the computer to create sheet music. The instruments go into an analog mixer (all stereo instruments are recorded in stereo), then the stereo out of the mixer goes to the monitors for practice, the studio out in stereo goes to a Focusrite 2i2, the USB out goes to the computer. The audio out of the 2i2 goes to the 5.1 stereo as a second monitor. In the computer I use presonus studio One.3 for recording and editing. The final edit is sent to Notion for sheet music creation. And there you have it. This is my system.
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