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Aquarius DTOM
Aquarius DTOM
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Make rap violently, self taught. Constantly hating my own shit, until I get better at Killing my beats..but they may be killing me.......
Im 32 years old, I have five kids, well 4 now. One of our twins passed away on dec 28 to medical negligence leading to infection. That has been devastating and had a major impact on everything in my life. Me and my wife have experienced many ( unlucky ) events in our ten years together but nothing like this. Our second year together we went though a F4 tornado that took everything we had. Built our way back from homelessness and extreme poverty by both working 40 hour jobs for years. My dad passed away three years ago from cancer, so I inherited his trailer. Which is where we live now and were out of space lol. But Im thankful for it even if. But when I knew the twins were coming I panicked trying to figure out what I would do. This is where music comes in. I had started studying music theory and making beats on my iPhone in GarageBand back in the fall of 2017. Then I started rapping and uploading in June 2018. Never thought I would take it this far. Never thought I would actually ever do it. I had always dreamed of being a rapper but never saw a way to make. I have zero experience with music and all I know is what Ive learned by myself and hands on. Im improving my skills and learning more everyday. It has turned into an outlet for my pain and I cant quit now.
Band/artist history
Started uploading in June 18
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Your musical influences
2pac, Eminem, Chris Webby, Biggie, Outcast, 3 6 Mafia
What equipment do you use?
iPhonex GarageBand.
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