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A1 Locco
A1 Locco
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I'm cool, calm, and collected. l like laid back smooth beats mostly, but I can go hard if need be. I like real life music, music that makes you think.
Smokin Good (Feat. JC)
Peak in sub-genre #64
Good Girls Go Bad (Feat. JC)
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Im not really off into club music cause I'm not into the club scene anymore, taking a more laid back approach to this thing called life and trying to speak truth into these young people's ears and give em shit that will help them survive, rather than feeding them a bunch of bullshit glamour stories that they'll never be able to reach; money, jewelry, cars, clothes and messy hoes ain't all this world has to offer. Been shot stabbed been to jail, had my heart broken more times than I care to remember and been through and seen just about anything you can imagine. I'm the nicest person you will ever meet, but fuck me over and I'll be the worst.
Band/artist history
Have been with 2 separate labels at 2 different times. One which was 220 productions (Unlimited), and the other which I was first a part of which is South Side/ 60 Entertainment.
Your musical influences
My musical influences are a mile long but to name a few is 2pac, biggie smalls, pimp c, Bob Marley, Bone thugs and Harmony, NAS, DMX, Dolla, Aaliyah, Tony Royster Jr., Herbie Hancock, Earth wind and fire, Lavell Jones, Lester Edmonson and Bobby Blackwell...ect. the list goes on.
What equipment do you use?
CAD U37 Condenser mic w Knox pop filter. I can also play the drums and or any percussion instrument, piano, guitar (both bass and regular guitar). Like to harmonize, wouldn't call myself a singer, but I can keep a tune.
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