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Andy Kockelkoren
Head full of songs, more then I can give to bands so I started recording with my living room studio. Try to put my symfonic rock background into a pop format
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How I Am ft Lars Vleeshaak
How are we today? ft Anne-Marie
The projects openingsong with Anne-Marie de Vries on vocals. Also Roland JD-XA her recording debut with me
Never knew ft Ari de Vries
Last year Team-Kim was on the news. It showed how they give - among others - teachers tools to recognize child abuse. One teacher also came into the picture who thought that that was nonsense. He was there to teach children writing and math.
A song to make them heard
Wich cup of warm chocolate milk are you? Inspired by Team-Kim, that provides information about child abuse to professionals, youth and children in The Netherlands from stories of experts (young adults) itself. With Adriaan de Vries & Andries Janssen
How are you ft Adriaan de Vries
This song is an open hand, invitation, warm welcome to all people of all colours and cultures. It is a popballad with symfonic rock touch (Kayak, Supertramp, Flower Kings...)
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Band/artist history
Music ruled my life since I can remember. When I was 8 I started lessons classical organ with Ger van Poppel for 10 years. That is the big fundation for everything I do since then. After that I played in bands and became more and more symfonic on synths, organ and guitar. Played 17 years keys in progressive rock band Visual Blind and did some great gigs with it. Other importend bands; Atra Lacrima (psychadelic, progressive rock, gothic metal, playing bass on my synths), Control (60s based pop), Cateye (where I played guitar from blues to funk to metal) Today I play keys in Hypnoisers, a alternetive rock band with a little punk DNA and Just Jo, a pop/rock cover band, playing from Queen to Pink
Your musical influences
My father on guitar, BB King, Iron Butterfly, Emerson Lake & Palmer, Kayak, Alquin, Uriah Heep, Queen, Erik Norlander, Eels, Alan Gascoigne (Normaal, Tim Disney Band)
What equipment do you use?
Cakewalk by Bandlab, Focusrite Saffire 6 USB, Soundcraft 124fx Nord Stage 2ex Compact, Alesis Fusionsynth 8HD, Alesis QS7, Korg N264, Korg N1r Bo-El S03 "Cateye", '67 Gibson SG, '76 Fender Stratocaster (open G), Ibanez RG "Seven", Ibanez TBT bass, Koch Multitone 2 amp, Koch LB120 Loadbox and B1 pedal Heinrich recorder and High Spirit Native American flutes Brand-that-we-don't-name C3 mic
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