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West Coast
West Coast
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Welcome To The West Coast!!!!!!
West Coast, the Compton based multi-musically facetted producer/engineer/writer and performer, makes music of epic proportions. For the last 16 years of his life, the multi-instrumentalist, producer and vocalist continues to burn an artistic path for all of the up-and-coming West Coast artist to come and his may adoring fans, which is what has earned him both the name and title, West Coast. ? Born Shane McClain (better known as West Coast), raised by just his mother Beverly McClain, with one sister and 2 twin brothers. Growing up in a single parent home on the east side of Compton then moving on the west side of Compton help to give West a diverse outlook on both urban life and music and help to broaden his perspective on both. West attended both Centennial and Lynwood High School but, while at Centennial under the instruction of band director John E. Robert's is where he started to enjoy making music while being able to explore in detail playing/writing/performing. Between Florida A&M through Mr. Robert's and Berklee College of Music by the way of Catherine Goldwyn ( grandchild of Samuel Goldwyn ) West became very well versed in music production eventually leading him towards a non-profit called A Place Called Home. ? West has worked with many people in the music industry and has forged relationships with the likes of G-1 ( DJ Quik & R Kelly's Producer), Snoop Dogg, Goldie Loc, Terrace Martin, Problem, MC Lyte, and a host of others. even with people behind the scenes like Segal (Dr. Dre's mix engineer ) to Zach Katz CEO of Beluga Heights/Epic (home of Sean Kingston & super producer Jonathan "JR" Rotem). with relationships like these in the industry, how could West go wrong? ? After having a chance to meet with and receive some valuable guidance from fellow LA native, Terrace Martin and business guidance from long term friend Zach Katz was when West Coast started to think about music in total! It wasn't until his run-in with THA EASTSIDAZ group member Goldie Loc that made West decide to step from around the boards to in front of the Mic, and the rest is who we now call West Coast.
Band/artist history
Been creating music since the 90's.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Performed in front of Hundreds of Thousands of people. Especially, Pro Bowl Afterparty in Honolulu, Hawaii.
Your musical influences
Dr. Dre, DJ Quik, DJ Battlecat, Soopafly, Daz, Dwele, and JR Rotem.
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