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Prod. KamZion
Prod. KamZion
2 Tracks
Versatile music that will make a hit-maker out of you.
I create trap music, for all types, such as hip-hop, RnB, pop, electric, dance, east coast, west coast, dirty south, mid-west. Whatever your needs, I've got your beat. I can even create on the spot and taylor it to the song-writer. I have professional musicians on standby when I need them. Oh, and I'm only 12 (2018). I aspire to be the greatest to ever create beats. What I want people to know most about me is that I have a heart after God.
Band/artist history
Under the supervision of my father who is a producer, songwriter, and artist, music runs in my blood. Although I haven't been creating very long, I've grown up in music and it is an automatic response to growing up in studios and around great artists. You can say I was born with a golden keyboard in my hands.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I started playing the drums. Since the age of 3, I've been playing for churches, large and small. I've recently graduated to recording, and then producing. For now, I choose to make my music in the background and we'll see where it goes from there.
Your musical influences
My dad DeeJay Roberts, Lecrae, E:2, Josh B, Metro Boomin, Zaytovin, Mike Columbo, Street Bud, KB, aha Gazelle, and many more
What equipment do you use?
Logic Pro X, Mac, FL Studio, Korg Kross, KRK Rockit, Yamaha mixing console