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Stewart Walker
Stewart Walker
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Instrumental Alter Ego of English Singer Songwriter Warren Jenks
Capatain Fodder (Full Unedited Mix)
Warren Jenks   Mrcorbett   /collab
Tickle Me
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Tickle Me - Stewart Walker
2016 was an incredibly creative year for me (Warren Jenks). I ended up releasing three albums and two singles. This project came about from my old track "Expecta" which I recorded back in 2006, I just fancied the idea of an all instrumental album and also to release it without any fanfare under a different name, inspired by Paul McCartney who has done similar since the 1970s. The thing i most enjoyed about this project was it was all fresh, mostly made up on the spot, just using my musical ear to create music that I would like to listen to. I did break the no vocal rule eventually with a couple of corking tunes which just had to be worked on to my usual nth degree! All in all one of the happiest times I've ever had making music, i hope you enjoy my efforts!
Band/artist history
Purely a one off side project, really just a test of what all my musical years and ears could produce.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Not in this guise, though i may one day perform a song or two that will translate to Guitar. As my normal performing self Warren Jenks / Mrcorbett I have performed 100s of times and have many great and a few scary memeories, which hopefully shall continue for many more years!
Your musical influences
For this project I wanted to be as experimental as I could, so i listened to a lot of Brian Eno, Kraftwerk, loads of mood and ambient online, allsorts. Most of the pieces were really created on the spot having found agood synth sound to work with and inspire me!
What equipment do you use?
Yamaha n12 Cubase AI 4 Ukulele Evolution Mid controller Fender squire stratocaster Eastwood acoustic
Anything else?
Let me know what you think about the tunes! Thanks for listening :)
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