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The Diva Lyn
Im guilty of inspiring people to sing ?? and write ?? because of God-given creativity and for my Love Of Music ?? Music ?? is a universal Love ?? The Diva Lyn
1 songs
41 plays
TY Holy Remix 2019
Single from the 10th Anniversary CD project The mix is by DJ?
Singer/Songwriter/Composer/Producer LYN The Diva Lyn (Leonard Hicks) Is still stirring up the music charts with the classic of #Lyn who was Crowned in 2015 by WBLML and BTDTDI Productions LLC The Diva Lyn, and has released 3 singles and remixes with DJ? for BTDTDI Productions LLC On WillasBoiLenMusicLabel Inc., Lyns debut album and second album This Is Our Time and The Diva Lyn - Thank You went brass in Streams, This Is Our Time was ?? Song of The Year 2010, Remix of The Year 2010/11/12, The Diva Lyn - Thank You put out a Soundclick #1 ?? and several Soundclick Top #10,#50,#100 hits ?? and still holding strong ?? Lyn was ?? Artist of The Year 2012, Lyn (The Diva Lyn) was ?? Artist of The Year 2014 and The Diva Lyn was ?? Artist of The Year 2018 by Willas Boi Len Music Label & Publishing Inc.
Band/artist history
I started in church and school, singing in Community Choirs. It was a difficult task to get where I am now, lots of hard work and determination and a few lost and learned something in the lost. Now that I know the business for Real it has changed me and my way of doing business, In The Business.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Their all memorable, I give the audience what they came for, a Show and a Party child. I get a joy out of seeing the audience enjoying themselves.
Your musical influences
Sylvester, Celeda, Martha Wash, Janice Trace Aretha Franklin, Dinah Washington, I can go on and on
What equipment do you use?
Anything else?
Im Just Me ??
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