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Harvey Cedars
Harvey Cedars
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Harvey Cedars; the Desert Blues Man
On The Jersey Shore
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Gone Thrills
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Lady Lady Lady I Got The Blues For You 2014 Remix
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JazzBekky Ole' Vintage Channel Remix
Peak position #86
Good Luck Cowboy Remix 2014
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Hi all, The music on this page is my blues guitarist resume. I am looking for a gigging blues band in the Phoenix Area Arizona. I am 67 years old and I can play. I ain't the best, and I ain't the worst, but I can make my guitar sing.
Band/artist history
I started singing A-Capella with a do wop band in the late 1950's
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I want to
Your musical influences
Jimi Hendrix, Roy Buchannan, John McLaughlin, Al Demeola, Emily Remler, and a host of others.
What equipment do you use?
My DAW 3.2 Gig Pentium 4, AsusTek P4C800E-Deluxe Motherboard 2 Gigs Kingston Ram DDR 3200 Windows XP Pro, Service Pack 1 Echo Layla 24/96 Yamaha SW1000XG Cakewalk/Peavey StudioMix ATI 9200 128 mb Video Card One NEC 17" LCD Display Sonar 6.0.2 Producer Edition MIDI/Audio sequencer Jammer Professional 5.xx Band In A Box 2005 Megapak Kontakt 1.1.1 Dan Dean Bass Samples and Nemesys Giga Piano Samples Battery 1.01 With Battery Studio Kits DR008 with Drum Kits From Hell 1 and add on pack VSampler (Only because it came with Sonar 3.11) Waves Native Gold Bundle 4.x Waves IR-1 Reverb Sound Forge 9 Plextor PX 708A DVDRW Sony DVD ROM Windows XP Pro SP-1 on Maxtor 120 Gig 7200 UDMA 133 with 8 meg buffer Samples on Maxtor 40 Gig 7200 UDMA 133 Audio on one SATA Maxtor 120 Gig 7200 UDMA 133 with 8 meg buffer Yamaha MSP5 Powered reference monitors Outboard gear; Rane SM26 line mixer PreSonus VXP vocal producer Studio Projects C-1 Microphone Shure SM 57 Microphone Furman PL Plus line conditioner FMR Really Nice Compressor Radius Fat Man 3 Tube Compressor Roland MPU104 for plugging in multiple MIDI controllers Digitech GNX2, Vox Tonelab
Anything else?
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