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March 07, 2004
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Cinnamonia is the musical project of Sandra Werner (vocals) and Thomas Köhler (keyboards/electronics). The band exists since 1999, their debut album "The Scarlet Sea" was released in Autumn 2002 on QuiXote Music in Germany. It has been voted Album of the Month by the progrock-dt online magazine. Sandra Werner, the singer with an enchantingly cool, soft and very feminine voice, looks back to a past of totally different influences (e.g. with the progressive rock band Madrigal). Thomas Köhler is at home in the field of electronic music and has released three albums in the 1990s with the group Operating Strategies. With Cinnamonia they have developed a unique synthesis of pop, ambient, world, and classical influences. Cinnamonia stands for soothing, melancholic sounds together with fine-spun pop melodies and vocals full of nuances. The first album "The Scarlet Sea" sounds very warm and atmospheric, despite its focus on electronic instruments and samples. The musical concept is further intensified by a bunch of guitarist collaborators, Gerd Weyhing, Walter Parks and Robert Alan Frost. The main theme of "The Scarlet Sea" is the exploration of various means of 'transformation', centering on the image of water in many cases. But "The Scarlet Sea" also includes a contemporary approach to traditional music (Irish, in this case). Thus, the well-known "She moves thru the fair" receives an almost otherworldly, darkly ambient performance here, reflecting its theme of a ghost lover appearing to his/her beloved in a dream vision. Cinnamonia are currently working on material for their next album as well as on a collaborative project with Italian poet and singer Sal Pichireddu, to be entitled "Desvelos". The album "The Scarlet Sea" is available worldwide from www.quixote-music.de. It is also available in the US via www.cdbaby.com and via www.kinesiscd.com . In Germany, it is available from most of the usual webstores, as well.
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