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experimental percussion, trying for original percussion ensemble beats for almost twenty years. A doctor of music told me takes a lifetime to become original
Modular Nights Seattle March 2020 TheIdeaEffigies
Today #98 in Trance subgenre
Peak in sub-genre #17
2nd demo for show march.wma
Eve project one
Peak in sub-genre #19
Lars Jensen a member of the best marching band in the state of washington in 1999 with the best percussion caption award and writing my own part for that show we won for the only person doing that, have up on playing drums in rock bands to learn drum machine programming which is not as fun as playing the drums then a qy seventy got into exploring more real orchestrations with up to eight parts which was more serious orchesitation than was possible to do with all orchestra instruments. this was a major step to operating a midi network correctly. back to that first drum machine. absolutely hypnotized by the magic of the midi serial bus and it's possibilities, the mind of a brilliant inventor came to life being had an actual scientific hobby radio shack and the Forrest mind books also were a huge thing with board level electronics which remained theory and half finished projects until more time and progress was instituted in that and not music. have gone to electronics school and didn't finish but want to soon am almost done with a regular two year college degree now yes I have been taking a break from music also because of losing people I cared about but I'm back into it now on a reasonable level meaning I need to make music to be happy not just the technical stuff that stole my brain, so long ago. I invented a way of viewing signals in vr at that was never developed as I could not find an open gl developer, at the hitlab at the university of w washington. maybe I will be able to develop it someday. I wrote my own patch editor for the ea1 by korg back when I was eighteen years old 28 strings of seven double digit hex numbers I had to figure out. and went to electronics school but put both those things on the shelf for music for many many years
Band/artist history
best beats for twenty years this is how a percussion Ensemble is supposed to sound like
Have you performed in front of an audience?
egg room after hours club above el corazon 2011? was it. car accident before chaospalooza memorial show last summer, played a show at a house owned by the Crips in Everett wa a long time ago, shows at the crocodile played there twice, a venue which put a picture of my life with the thrill kill Lily in the stranger for the show I was trying to organize because I had a picture of them I liked on MySpace?
Your musical influences
apex twin's music is the only thing that influenced my electronic music but the Mozart like embellishments remind me of His August birthday and Mozart music turns me off for being too frilly sometimes although he is a master by spending time step recording one thing but I have practical experience in percussion ensemble and layered sense percussion reflects more the philosophical idealism of Beethoven whose birthday is the day before me.
Anything else?
ambianimaton@gmail.com for bookings I want to release a huge backcatalog that never has been if that never had seen the light of day why has garbage? not the band but I was tempted to capitalize GARBAGE. I want to make you tube videos snapping techno comp cra I did not like whole comps that were pressed and released that I bought that I do not like.
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Steady Grindin'
"blury" tyga type beat
ROCKIN' AROUND (with you)