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Ellohay Music
Ellohay Music uses original composition, lyrics and a blend of virtual and real instruments to promote deep thinking, encouragement and challenge.
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I Could Not Do Without Thee (Feat. Tommaso Strada)
A new song based off an old hymn.
Prince of Peace
Written to address those moments in life when you feel burdened by things outside of your control. A reminder to continue looking to Jesus - the Prince of Peace.
A fast-paced song advocating for a paradigm shift in the Church away from wanting to be like the world to focusing more on being like Christ.
An inverted retrograde version of another composition of mine.
A Rose for Romaine
To a mother who got nothing for Mother's Day.
Your Will Be Done (Official Lyric Video) - Ellohay
Hello, this is the page for Ellohay Music. I am a one-person band for the moment, though someday I hope to expand and include other people. I am based out of rural Pennsylvania.
Band/artist history
Before I was even born, I was listening to music. My parents had an alarm clock that played Mozart's Symphony No. 40 and each night my father would play the song and hold the clock to my mother's stomach as a lullaby. Before I learned to talk I could already hum tunes I overheard, and at six years old I had written my first original song which was about Jesus' return. Through my teen years I played cornet and created my own songs on the piano, but was also singing and recording words to them secretly.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Growing up, I participated in many Christmas pageants (one with Taylor Swift, no less) which were essentially by first experiences performing in front of an audience. I joined cornet quartets a few years in a row, and later on I sang duets with my dad. Most of them were his own music, but one was a song I wrote called Soli Deo Gloria. After that, I focused on college. Giving speeches before classmates was enough live performance for me for awhile! Today I mostly share my music privately with people I know.
Your musical influences
It's hard to say what my influences are, because for most of my life I mainly absorbed musical elements from what I heard and specifically made it a goal not to knowingly copy anyone's style, which is a rule I still try to hold to. However, artists that probably influenced me were Phil Keaggy, Keith and Kristyn Getty, Steve Taylor, Eden's Bridge, and the many various composers of old 8-bit computer game and early 2000's educational school game music. As of 2020, I am undergoing training by Getty Music to improve in the area of hymn writing - music specifically for the Church and group singing.
What equipment do you use?
Currently I use a Neewer NW-800 microphone with a pop guard. I compose the instrumental part of the music in Anvil Studio, then replay it and record it in Notion to add a more realistic sound. I may or may not record each instrument separately in Audacity for fine tuning. The vocals I record and mix using Audacity.
Anything else?
Keep in mind my music is still a work in progress. Not every song I upload is exactly the way I want it and all my music is technically unpublished. I have improved my techniques greatly over the last seven years but I still am not where I'd like to be.
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