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Wedly Bon Flow Productions
Wedly Bon Flow Productions
16 Tracks
In my music I might sound urban but I've always had it in my heart to make music that can make a healing for my soul, the reason why I prefer to do Gospel music
Rele BonDye - Jean Marc Joseph (Beat by Wedly Bon
My real name is Wedly Joseph and I go by the names of Snap "The Writer" aka Wédly Bòn Flow. I recorded my first song when I was a kid at the age of 11 on a cassette, way back when cassette tapes where in style. Then when compact disc CD's were already out to replace cassettes I then recorded one of my first written Raps digitally at my cousin Gary's friend Dany's music studio, at that time he went by the name of Platinum Dice. At that time my cousin Gary aka Gutta Black and his friend Dany aka Platinum Dice were so excited to see me record one of my written Raps in front of them, but I was kind of microphone shy. R.I.P. to my cousin Gary aka Gutta Black. I still remember the fun moments that I spent with em. I produced my first beat on a Desktop computer that my Aunt Monique St. Louis used to have using a Hip Hop eJay (Virtual Beat Making Studio) that my cousin Gary who died had introduce me too. I never had the chance to thank him for introducing me to how to make beats virtually, but if he was still here today I would've tell him thank you very much for introducin' me to it. I don't remember what version of Hip Hop eJay it was but I can still remember how proud I was of myself to produce a beat for the first time. Even though I never had a chance to finish recording the song that I had write for that beat, it was worth it for my first time because it brought me very far and made me the successful musician that I am today. When it comes to music none of it is never what I expect but they're always a surprise to my ears whenever I gets them done
Band/artist history
The names that I used to go by were $ity Boy and Young Snap.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I've performed in church's in front of audiences before but I haven't performed on a public stage yet but I hope to do so someday.
Your musical influences
My musical influences are: 1. Andy Mineo 2. Lecrae 3. Chris Jay
What equipment do you use?
When I first started producin' beats I was usin' Hip Hop eJay 6. Then it had to come to a stop because I then found a better beat making studio called Fruity Loops 10. Thanks to our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ nowadays technology has advanced, now I'm using Fruity Loops Mobile 3. If you'd ask me I'd tell ya that sound samples for a musical producer like me is like oil for a dead engine.
Anything else?
I also look forward to working with other musicians who are willing to collaborate.
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