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Atlanta, GA  USA
November 09, 2017
3,551 plays
Not your average MC. I believe in representing truth and realism. Artisistically, i want to be known as innovative and pioneering. Music is a journey for me.
Band/artist history
I started making music back in the dinosaur ages of ADATs and synthesizers. My music has grown as i have. After many years of grinding on the local underground circuit. i became disillusioned with the industry and took a step back. I kept working on my skill set, though. Eventually, the urge to get out and perform and make new music came back. Im addicted to music. So I reset and regrouped for another big run at it! Lets Go!
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I always enjoy live performances. It gives me an opportunity to connect w fans in a very personal way. I still get butterflies before a performance. But after a few seconds, I feel the crowds energy,...and i just jump in!
Your musical influences
My music heroes are on the most obvious list for most people. Marvin , Tupac, Prince, Michael, Aretha, you know, everybody's favorites. I guess on the fringes would be artist like Scarface, ThePharcyde, OutKast,...honestly im pretty eclectic in my musical tastes.
What equipment do you use?
Im currently using Cubase/Nuendo for mixing and mastering. Akg Mic w Audient ID14 adat interface. Jbl monitors. AKai Mpk are some of the choices i like to use.
Anything else?
Enjoy Life. Enjoy music.
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Atlanta, GA  USA
November 09, 2017
3,551 plays