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Gruv Union
GRUV UNION is an alternative/rock band that combines Modern R0CK/ALT., rap,funk, rock, punk, surf rock & old school ROUNDABOUT ROCK ,into a very different soun
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Bringing the disease
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Before You read or listen to anything on this page... Please clear your mind & Ears.. so that it they are free ...Free to learn...Free to listen...Free to ...JAM !!!These are our Award winning regional ACCOMPLISHMENTS . * Nominated for Best New Artist OF 2002 by the new Artist Radio Association. * Nominated and won most professionals band and best DJ in a band, by "The Money" Rockhill S.c. * Nominated for Best Overall Music Talent, Best Male Vocals, and Best Drummer. (Regional Battle of the Bands summer 2002) *Winner of "The Legacy Club" Summer Fest Battle of the Bands 2001 Our intentions are to create music that will appeal to a wide variety of listeners. By combining a little bit of each of the most popular music styles, we can please a larger audience. Our mix is made up of rock, alternative, rap,funk,surf,groove & OUR PERSONAL TOUCH 2 MAKE U MOVE. And now WE HAVE DECIDED 2 FOLLOW UP WITH A NEW PROJECT THAT WILL ONLY CONCIST OF ORINGINAL MUSIC...
Band/artist history
Formed in November of 1998 by ChriZp and Chizel. Current members are: Jeremy Surratt - Bass , Joined in March. 2003 Chris Goins (ChriZp G) - Vocals , 1998 Terry Moore (Chizel) - Guitar , 1998 NOW ITS JUST A CLUSTER OF THOSE WE HAVE MET. SO ITS IN THE AIR RIGHT NOW ASE 2 WHAT COMES OUT AND WHERE WE WILL GO...2005 IS A NEW BEGINING. Danny Ivonov - Sound Tech , 2003 We feel that we have the best combination of musicians in the area to make our music, which we love so much. We are always striving to make our music together to appeal to our fans. So, if you have never heard of us check out some of our music on this site.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
WE ARE ALWAYS LIVE SOMEWHERE SOME TOWN IN SOME PLACE JUST BE LISTENING ON RADIO AND CHECKING OUR SITE FOR UPDATES IT GETS HARD FOR US TO KEEP UP WITH THEM SOMETIMES WE HAVE PLAYED THE FOLLOWING VENUES: *The Weenie Roast 2002 at Verizon Wireless Amphitheater. Brought to you by 106.5 The End. (Opening act for Nickleback, Filter, Our Lady Peace, SR71, Default, Berlin, Green Wheel, Butch Walker, Andrew WK, The Doves, Gold Finger & Sick Speed) Opener for Die Trying (Island - Def-Jam Records) Clubs include... * Gold Rush City S.c. *The Money S.c. **After Deck S.c. **Phat City Deli N.c. **Tattoos M.l. **Tremont Music Hall N.c. **Robs Grill V.a. *Metrolina Expo N.c. **Irish Cue N.c. *JB'S N.c. **Amos' South End N.c. **Verizon Wireless Amphitheater N.c. **Somewhere Else Tavern N.c. **The Brewery N.c. *Shooters N.c. **The Klick N.c. *Brew HaHas N.c. **Star Search N.c. *Rodeo's Rock Bar N.c. **The Milestone N.c. *Rendezvous N.c. **Legacy Club N.c. *Hobos N.c. * Cassidy's Cafe N.c. *The Landmark N.c. *F-3 N.c. * Huge Parties *THE RUSTY NAIL - Wilmington N.c. *THE PALM ROOM- WRIGHTSVILLE BEACH N.c. *THE ARENA- JACKSONVILLE, N.c. **Breakers S.c. Roadrunners S.c. Crossroads G.a. The Highlander S.c. and many others we can't remember
Your musical influences
Various music ranging from what new stuff is on the radio to stuff your parents listened to. This is a combination of what we all prefer in the music industry.BREAKING BENJAMIN,LO-PRO , AFI ,FUTURE LEADERS OF THE WORLD, PANTARA, SLAYER,BEASTIE BOYS, L L COOL J , COOL C , PUBLIC ENEMY, HateBreed ,FUEL ,WHITE ZOMBIE, DISTURBED, KORN ,New Found Glory,Blink 182, Clutch, Linkin Park, Incubus, The Vines, Yellow Card, Stabbing Westward, NIN, Our Lady Peace, Beastie Boys, NickelBack, The Beatles, Soundgarden, Kittie, Pantera, Tool, A Perfect Circle, STP, Rage, Staind, Static-X, Deftones, Sevendust, Ozzy, The Doors, Van Halen, Alice in Chainz, Dire Straits, Pink Floyd, EaZy-E, Jan & Dean, Bill Cosby, The Beach Boys, Saliva, System of the Down, Offspring, Howard Jones, Rod Stewart, Ice Cube,MOTOGRATER, Winter Comes,Death,Diacide,Your Momma, Cunts,Murfeys Law,Operation Ivy,Minor Threat,Circle Jerks,Knots,Alice in Chainz,Kill Switch,Slip KNot & much, Much More.
What equipment do you use?
ChriZp - Sure 58 Wireless'/Beta 58 / Peavy amps/Mackie Sound/ESP guitars Big Daddy J - Warwick & Ibanez basses,Hartke,SWR amplification Perry - Mesa/Boogie amplification, Marshall Speakers, Fender and Epiphone guitars
Anything else?
... Order now to get the best music on the eastcoast..just send $7.00 to Gruv Union 2485 Daugherty Rd China Grove N.c. 28023
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