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OGKzone BMajorSoul
New Orleans, LA  USA
June 18, 2017
3,770 plays
OGKzone BMajor$oul one of the most unique Underground Multi-talented Artist that is raising the bar around the Globe. Bars that can travel across the Universe to spread soulful energy unlike no other has ever done.
Band/artist history
He started out making beats as a teenager like many to find a place of refuge away from the man made and/or natural disasters. OGKzones BMajor$oul's background is not quite like many. Growing up in a mostly family oriented environment until the clash with the hardcor drugs infesting the projects from downtown and multiple wards through uptown and the Westbank and surrounding Parishes of New Orleans, Louisiana. Let's just say he was fortunate to have lived throughout many special places from a baby to an adult. His most troubling experiences was being diagnosed as a Type 1 Diabetic as a child. 1 year later while walking home from school in which he already witnessed his birth mother being murdered in cold blood as a child in a nightmare in which still is a cold case. He has witnessed many things that he should not have. Like his Mother being cut up by a man that tried to assault her. Compounding interest as a man his only sister whom suffered from the same traumatic experiences but much worse as she was raped as a young girl. She was murdered in cold blood in 5th ward Texas in 2015 and it is another cold case. She was my biggest fan in that she was trying to get my music heard while living in Houston, Texas. From these traumatic experiences OGKzone BMajor$oul has a soulful jazzy swag energy that is prominent amongst the Legends of the pass.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Not yet!
Your musical influences
Marvin Gaye, Sade, Earth Wind & Fire, Stevie Wonder, Ray Charles, Jimmy Hendricks, Rick James, Bob Marley. All of these Legendary Artist had Soul and Energy to move a nation.
What equipment do you use?
Macbook Pro, Focsrite, AKGp420 Mic.
Anything else?
Together Everyone Achieves Miraculously! by OGKzone BMajor$oul We are all in this game to win! Soldiers Of Virtue status convert till da end! Success da only obligation face when our backs against da wall! Head held high while we vesting to ball! OGKzone BMajor$oul Peace, Love, Harmony and Happiness!
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New Orleans, LA  USA
June 18, 2017
3,770 plays