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Robert W Fowler
Robert W Fowler
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Seattle based instrumental rock guitarist - writer - producer - engineer
Robert W Fowler is long time professional guitarist based in the Seattle area. He has been a part of the Seattle scene for 3 decades as a touring club guitarist (covers), an original band member, and original recording artist. He owns a small project recording studio in the Kent area ( a suburb 20 miles south of Seattle ) named DCRP, where he writes, records, and produces, instrumental guitar music. He is a member of Mental Rex, a punk influenced original rock band from Seattle, guitarist for The Body Electric - A tribute to RUSH, and solo artist performing a wide range of his vast body of recorded work.
Band/artist history
With over 40 years of playing, and 30 years as a working professional, Robert always knew what he wanted to do with his life. By 8 he had dabbled in piano and drums, showing a unique ability to memorize melody and rhythm, and naturally harmonize. By 11 he'd gotten his first guitar, but it wasn't until he heard Rush in 1977 that he decided to dedicate his life to seriously playing the instrument. He'd taken classical guitar lessons, and understood some basic chord structures, but was struck by the shear power, and melodic ability of the instrument in the right hands. Buckling down with recordings, he took the first steps in learning to teach himself the chords, structures, and melodies of this seminal progressive rock band, along with selections from the AOR popular radio stations of the day. All the while, his childhood home was filled with the music of show tunes, fusion jazz, folk, latin, and pop, of the mid 1940's to late 1970's, providing a wide range of material for him to glean from. By 82' he found himself starting to play in cover bands, and by 87' he was working an average of 40 weeks a year, doing 3 to 4 nights as a professional club musician. The hours were grueling, for in addition to playing nights, he was working 40 hour a week to support a burgeoning family. By 1998, he was learning to write, and record, his own original material, using the available home studio gear of the era. He is now constantly writing, recording, and producing his own material, and doing selected local, and online collaborations. He has founded two bands based around his writing: Scarecrow Messiah, and Digital Chemistry. He has written, engineered, or played on well over 200 pieces of music. His writing is currently focused on instrumental guitar, a style where he has found his voice, and passion. From the beginning, Robert has pursued a dream of mastering the guitar, to be "one" with the instrument. Taking classical theory early in his professional life, he has developed an unique approach to the instrument that is both cerebral, and visceral. To improvise freely and with out physical limitations is a lofty goal, and Robert works constantly to develop, and hone, the skills he needs in order to pursue that dream. A voracious reader with almost perfect memory, he is always keeping up with current musical trends, and the technical aspects of stage and studio work. Robert has played in bands doing material as diverse as Steely Dan to Metallica, and Rush to Jackson Brown, and is a great mimic of players styles, and signature tones. He is equally adept, and at home with, the blues, as he is with jazz fusion, or metal, and concentrates now on developing his own signature style, and tonal palette. Robert is a tech guy as well, working on his own gear, setting up his own instruments, and rebuilding, reworking his gear to best fit what application he needs it for. His guitar rig is modular, and scalable for everything from the big concert stages to a small club jam. We could list the myriad of bands, and clubs he's played, but why... Those days are past... Robert concentrates on "here and now", and pursues music full time now. Current projects include: Robert Fowler's Digital Chemistry - original instrumental guitar rock/ fusion Mental Rex - original melodic punk metal The Body Electric - a tribute to RUSH And the occasional fill in gig as classic rock guitarist or bassist. He is always looking for studio work, or the right touring band. Current gear listing Guitars: PRS, IBANEZ, YAMAHA, GIBSON, JACKSON, SCHECTER Amps and Cabs: FENDER, LOPO, EV, TUBEWORKS
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I play live as much as I need to, and pick and choose my projects. I am a live performing guitarist, im not sure I could do anything else.
Your musical influences
I play, live, eat, and breathe guitar, and guitar music. Rock to classical, I have influences that span a wide range of genre and taste. People I admire: Jeff Beck, Eric Johnson, Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, Eric Clapton, Alex Lifeson, Jon Scofield, Chick Corea... and so many more.
What equipment do you use?
Current gear listing Guitars: PRS, IBANEZ, YAMAHA, GIBSON, JACKSON, SCHECTER Amps and Cabs: FENDER, LOPO, EV, TUBEWORKS Studio: Win 7 / Studio One 2 / Acid 7 / Tascam I/0 / JBL
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