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This is a page for the few people that like DJ Juice Hartsell's rap and the people that don't know him.. Listen to music watch videos with lyrics & share!!
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Malachi - The Last Song (Official Music Video)
Born and raised in Newport Arkansas where the drug dealer to citizen ratio is higher than anywhere else n the world n were proud of it.. Currently working at the local High School as a master of the custodial arts.. Or a janitor if u wanna be a dick about it.. Half Baked reference.. I got a voice that needs to be heard because there is a positive message i gotta spread.. And these days I think with all the conflict and disagreement in the world I feel the one thing we could surely all agree with is we could use a positive message bout now.. I think I'm meant to deliver that message.. There is a lot of hate in the world nowadays and so much conflict so I encourage people to open their minds to new beliefs and just listen deeply to my lyrics for the deep underlying message.. Which part of is to not analyze so much.. haha.. IRONY... you have to analyze to find out it is not a good thing all the time to analyze because it is basically an assumption which is a judgement of something.. DEEP SHIT I know but I am very insightful.. Edit
Band/artist history
Coast2Coast Mixtapes Vol. 348 Track # 9 Malachi - Reflections Coast2Coast Live Event Winner Little Rock Ar 2016 Coast2Coast Winners Circle 2018 Coast2Coast Magazine Issue #72 Back Cover and Feature 4 or 5 more Coast2Coast mixtapes
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yes.. Many times.. 2 Moments really stick out in my mind.. The first was on 4/20/17, in Denver Colorado at the Roxy Theatre which was a decent size venue and I was the headliner that night and my last song I had 2 of my homies come up on stage that was in the crowd and we killed the closing act to end the night well.. I later fell asleep in the car in the parking lot to the hotel before making it inside.. later this inspired a song called Street Lights feat Caleb Scott.. The next memory I would say was at Apache Cafe in Atlanta, Ga which was an open mic hosted by T.I's A&R who stood up after my performance and really boasted my song.. Said I need a stylist though.. But was really feelin my music.. Guess I dressed to "RAW"
Your musical influences
Bone Thugs, Rittz, Playa Fly, Ludacris, Bun B, Trae tha Truth, Z=Ro, T.I.
What equipment do you use?
Shure Super 55, Yamaha RS5, M-Audio Fast Track 2x2M, Art Pro Compressor, Mogami Cables, M-Audio Axiom AIR Mini 32 Keyboard Controller, Pro Tools HD, FL Studio, Isolation Shield and Pop Filter made se Electronics..
Anything else?
Just listen to my music and really pay attention to my lyrics and you will not be disappointed
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