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Bradford is an instrumental rock artist, primarily featuring lead guitar, but also many other instruments. Bradford writes, performs, records, and mixes all mu
Youre Doing it Wrong
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One Step
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The Longer Road
Bradford is a professional in the aerospace industry. While Bradford has a passion for science and technology, he also has another passion that runs just as deep, which is music. A lifelong musician, Bradford began playing the guitar as an early teen and quickly outpaced all of his instructors. For many years thereafter, Bradford played in numerous bands covering primarily top 40 rock, hard rock/ heavy metal, and original indie rock styles, and released three CDs. Having tired of the demands of constantly performing by the mid 00s, Bradford turned his attention to composing original music and built a home studio. In the studio, Bradford brought the rigor of scientific discipline to the recording process while maintaining the essential Bradford feel and style for which he is known. Bradfords goal was to produce an album of songs that would sing without singing. In the studio, Bradford uses no other musicians, and is involved in every aspect of the production. Drums are loop performances, or programmed, and all other instruments (bass, keyboards, and guitars) are played live. Bradfords close attention to detail ensures that every aspect of a song is well structured, great sounding, and reflects his musical vision in the closest possible way. In addition, Bradford also mixes his own albums, and only relinquishes the mastering process to another studio. With his debut solo album, The Ninth Ring, Bradford proved that with modern technology, a musical vision, and a lot of hard work, one man can produce great results. The album was well received and garnered favorable reviews among instrumental rock genre fans. Bradford's second album "You're Doing it Wrong" will be released in the summer of 2016. ?
Band/artist history
I started this project in about 2006. In 2005 I had left a band I had been with for 8 years, and not on the best of terms. I decided to do what I do best, and play guitar. Fortunately, technology caught up with me, and I was able to write a full length instrumental album "The Ninth Ring" over the next two years, with a release in 2008. For a long time I didn't do much more with music, as I had a pretty serious case of writer's block. Somewhere around 2013 I began to feel more creative, and I played out several times on my own doing my own music and cover tunes. Around late 2014 I began writing the new album, "You're Doing it Wrong", which was released in July of 2016.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I do play live from time to time. I am very much a veteran musician, so live performance is nothing new to me. In recent years it has been sparse, but I do occasionally play out, using pre-recorded tracks. This year (for the 3rd year in a row), I will be playing the Roxborough Music Festival on the main stage.
Your musical influences
I was an '80's metal head. Early influences were the guys from Iron Maiden, Eddie Van Halen, George Lynch and others. Later Joe Satriani and Steve Vai came along, and I learned a huge amount from them. Still later I studied in great detail the techniques of Paul Gilbert.
What equipment do you use?
For studio work, I use amp models from Amplitube, Line 6, and Behringer. Sometimes I use a vintage ADA preamp. Live is a mixed bag, depending on the situation.
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