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Miechey B
Miechey B
8 Tracks
ima producer from the Tri-State.. I don't play about bread so that's a must. I fuck with any & everything so getting to know me isn't hard. Been making music si
Miechey B.. Find me on ALL social media same way.. M . I . E . C . H . E . Y . B. ...... YES !
Band/artist history
I started off making music at 8.. I played drums for a drum squad around the time & my best friend at the time till we were in high school put me on to something called FL Studios when we were in the 6th grade. Since then my brother got his hands on the same software & I was perfecting my craft ever since. I always loved rapping so I used to freestyle with my friends at lunch with a group of kids like us just watching around waiting for the next person to go. we were the best rappers around and we made everyone laugh and made live, & still are ! But since then I ran in to nothing but bunch of artist through my life that inspired me and talked me through to keep rapping & making music .. so I did .. I never knew that it'd be this ! I CAN HONESTLY SAY that if I had the same type of fame as Dj Mustard or Metro Boomin, or maybe even Kanye or Swizz Beatz then I would be labeled as one of the best producers out !
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I never played live before.. I sorta wish I did. But I never had the chance to see the world really yet. But I when it comes to me learning something I learn quicker than grits being made on a stove.
Your musical influences
Well.. my number one influence in my life since I started making music has been God.. But besides that, I always looked up towards Noah '40' Shebib.. i see he has a style that can't be changed in anyway but he develops in his own way in every song.. just like how I do. I like listening to him & his music because he teaches me that he you can't be copied, You can be imitated but no one can get your style because it's YOU.
What equipment do you use?
I know this might sound weird, but as a producer & mixing & mastering engineer, I don't use much. The first three songs I posted ( Challenges, Ploc, & Pole) was all made only on FL Studios. I know what im supposed to listen for so when I start producing song, Im also fixing the EQ right away along with the mastering level of how it sounds too. I don't waste time with perfection because that's the only thing that keeps going in my eyes.
Anything else?
Just contact me if you really serious about making HITS !
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