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GMB Productionz
GMB Productionz
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GMB of GMB Productionz is one the crunkest Producers in MS. only at age 21 GMB is striving to earn that #1 spot in the music industry. Hailing from Pascagoula,
ok now. Dis yo boy GMB representin' dat Dirty South. Hattiesburg,MS. Ima Producer that loves crunk music. my style though is versitile so that i can work with any artist. I make my beatz on fruity loops. But they the qualty of my beatz many people think i have some real big-timmin equipment, but i don't, yall get at me if you need a beat.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I don't play live hardly anymore because of the fact that i usually don't rap as much. i maniny sit back and produce a fire azz track.
Your musical influences
since i'm now a producer i will like to say Timbaland inspired me the most wheni first got started in 2002. he had that ol' beatz for the streetz vibe and still do. after about 14 yrs in da game his beatz neva changed and thats what i like about. Pharrell i next because of his originality of style. when pharrell blew it really took the game to another level. But since i'm in the DIRTY SOUTH i can't do anything but to give it to my boy LIL JON. yeah we're still crunk. he's the Mouth of da South and i'm going to be the Bounce of the South. get at me.
What equipment do you use?
Everyone is so surprised whenever they come into my room for me to produce. They be like where's your equipment. and i be like i don't need any equipment all i need i my Fruityloops and my Cakewalk.
Anything else?
hit me up if u wanna know some more.
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