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Jerry Grant
Jerry Grant
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I began playing the guitar in 1976 and started writing songs shortly after. I have been involved as a Worship leader and have played retreats, church services,
Who Do You Say I Am?
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Lord of the Universe
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Those Who Wait (Is 40:31)
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Zephaniah 3:17
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You Are My Servant (Is 41 9-10)
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I began playing the guitar in 1976 and started writing songs shortly after. In 1977 I started singing with a couple of friends of mine (Tim and Dan Bronleewe). We did youth retreats, concerts, and weddings before they had the opportunity to join a band (http://www.soundclick.com/bands/default.cfm?bandID=1354965) and I headed back to college. While in school I lead Worship for Chapel and as choir president, for the choir as part of our pre-concert routine. After spending the Summer of 1979 working as the Music Director and Senior Counselor at Camp Tadmor in Lebanon, Oregon, I found myself busy doing retreats, conferences, and concerts throughout the Northwest for the next several years. Traveling with the Continental Singers in 1980 opened the door for me to spend a couple of months in Hawaii doing concerts, church services, and an all Island Youth Retreat. When I returned to the mainland, Camp Tadmor called me in as an emergency program director. Again, doors were opened for opportunities to share my music. After being the M.C. and leading worship for the Oregon Conservative Baptist Youth Christmas Conference, I was approached about leading a Summer musical team of 12 college age students for the CBA of Oregon's M.O.P.'s program. The Summer of 1982 was spent with my team traveling the West Coast teaching VBS and doing work projects at small churches with limited resources during the day and doing concerts in the evenings. The Winter of 1983 saw big changes in my life. I packed up everything and moved to St. Cloud, Minnesota. The first week I was there, I met the love of my life (Shelly) in church and we were married one year later. While in Minnesota, I spent a Summer at Camp Lebanon on Cedar Lake. Again this opened opportunities to share my music. I also became involved as the Worship leader for the campus ministry my wife was working for (Campus Ambassadors) as well as in my church. St. Cloud is where I spent my only time in a recording studio. On January 28, 1986 (The day the of the Challenger disaster) I recorded my only demo at Son Sound Studios. I was even on the local news while they were doing a story about the studio. Although I remained involved as a Worship leader, moves to Colorado in 1988 and then back to Oregon in 1990 slowed me down quite a bit. Even though I have not done a live show since 2001, I am still involved in leading Worship and I have written a few songs in the last several years. These songs are from the 70's, 80's, 90's, and early 2000's. I know they are not great, and the quality of the recordings is not the best, but they are a representation of how God has interacted with my life and my fallible human attempt to serve and worship Him.
Your musical influences
James Taylor, Bruce Cockburn, Randy Stonehill
What equipment do you use?
A 1984 Ovation Elite model 1537
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