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Sht. I'm not a band. I am a one man army for now. I do collab but not very often. I've been producing beats for 10 years with FL Studio. I have been in love with the craft for a very long time. I love making music and love that God has given me this talent.
Band/artist history
Band history is irrelevent. I'm not a band as I said earlier. I'm a one man army that's been making beats for 10+ years but I could say that I actually have been producing tracks for just as many years that I've been making beats. And the people that I work with are people that I consider artist themselves but that's the most relevancy I can actually talk about when considering myself as a band.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I don't necessarily play live. I am a CMP (Computer Music Producer) I make beats when the time is right. If I had someone watching I could be on my computer making a beat at any time. But actually saying that I play live is irrelevent. It's not even like that. Playing live is something that a CMP cannot do.
Your musical influences
I listen to a lot of music. Genres of music that are typical wide ranged. Mostly I listen to Rap/Hip Hop. It would be ranked as my number 1 influence. As a producer I look up to mostly Shmoked Out Lex Lugar. His beats are ground breaking. Secondly would be alternative rock music. Up beat or down beat. This is the second most rythmatic music that I can bare to hear without a discomforting listen. EDM music would be third because music without lyrics is better to actually listen to than this genre. DON'T LIE.
What equipment do you use?
Hardware- Speakers that are not monitors but are monitor based. Dell Keypad. Dell Optiplex 320 that's customized with 2 hard drives and an Acer LED 23" Monitor. It's really not much but I allows me to create music with depth just as well as the next guy or even better. Humble (very). Also a pair of Iphone headphones. Software - FL Studio 10 producer edition.
Anything else?
I also have music on multiple sites including Instagram and Youtube, soundcloud and myflashstore.net. Please, check me out on all sites. Follow, Like, Subscribe, Double-Tap and download!
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