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Sinamatik The Plague
Sinamatik The Plague
8 Tracks
Producer from Newark,NJ specializing in bringing that uncut rawthentic, vintage sound, great for any artist who values dope production to bring out their true l
Sinamatik The Plague, rawthentic no gimmicks!!!
Band/artist history
No real history, been doing this for almost 4yrs, always down to work with artists serious about their music.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Play live? I make beats, i guess if i put my time into trying to DJ, i could do it, my playlist and musical taste is very vast.
Your musical influences
My influences is life, and its many moments that define who we are as individuals. I might go through a certain scenario, or see/hear something on a second-hand level, and it inspires a certain mood, that's what gets the wheels turning in my head to create. Once i find that right sound, then i just build from there, its not a complex process at all, and in some cases i might consider myself a minimalist, not out of laziness or being content, but I'm a strong advocate of the "less is more/keep it simple", mentality.
What equipment do you use?
Just FL Studio 12 at the moment, nothing analog, i may break out my Akai controllers though, the MPD-32 or MPK-25, i haven't used neither in about 2yrs. I'm fine with that, like i said, i'm with the less is more school of though, plus my workflow is so sporadically spontaneous, i'm just cooking up flavorful shit prepped to please at random. All i need is FL Studio and i can transfer my thoughts to the workstation just fine as is.
Anything else?
Peace, and check out the music, if interested, just hit me up and let me know what it is. Also feel free to hit me up and build, I'm just a down-to-earth cat who loves music. PEACE!
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