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EYETRIBE are a collective of musicians,dj's, video & audio engineers working together creating Sonic & visual projects for your entertainment and pleasure
Soul Repairer
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Charris The Moment (V mix1)
Sonic Groove
Noah 40 nights
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EYETRIBE=Standing At The Edge Of Time
EYETRIBE are a collective of musicians, artist dj's, video & audio engineers along with other likeminded people sharing similar ideals, beliefs & hopes working together pooling there creativity, arts & professions to generate & create Sonic & visual,music & video products in all genres & styles for your entertainment and pleasure. Turn on & Tune In to the EYETRIBE Vibe
Band/artist history
My musical beginnings started at the age of 7 or so but was put off by my teachers and at the age of 12/ 14 picked up a guitar annd began to learn by ear and sound association.. I found most instruments with a string i could take too and make enough of a sound that inspired me to play more and more. I would class myself as a Jack of all but a master of none. I have developed my own sound ans style , kept away from playing covers but do occasionally cover songs , to me they act as a depth guage to assess the ability of my craft level by seeing how accurately i can cover to the origional instead of say just doing my take or version of the cover. If i can reproduce a cover to making the sound as true to the song as possible to me it shows me my versatility abd ability to play various styles n ypes of music. for me this works well for advancing my craft and i will be learning untill i leave this world. My goal that i aspire to is to create 1 album that will be a timeless piece encapsulating all my thoughts and beliefs to all that come across it that when they listen to it it expresses a way of living in harmony with ones self, others nature and leaves them feeling warm, full of love and humility, positivity and the desire to share and cultivate that belief system with everyone and hopefully turn the tide of this greed material based system we have all been subjected to that values people by what theyve got instead of who they are how can we improve the way we live instead of destroying everything we touch & start living in harmony with each other and with nature the sooner everything will begin to improve for every liing being on our beautiful planet. So if i can create ab album that creates awareness and helps the process of change en any way then im a happy bunny
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Between Portugal which is where my heart is and the Uk
Your musical influences
ive been a influenced heavily by a few musicians over the years but Daevid Allen & Gong Tim Blake & Steve Hillage are the reasons that turned me on to making music and learning my craft. to me the have taken music to a different level beyond anything ive ever come across and have acheived to create and generate sonic experiences that connect people together , created sonic healing tones , brain food,, spritual connectivity and have truly changed my life with there skill and love and shared it with everyone that has awakened. To me they are the Octave Doctors ans Sonic Surgeons capable of connecting mind body n soul with there work.
What equipment do you use?
Synths ... Korg Z1,Prophecy, Roland JD800,SH101, Juno 60, D50mc202, Novation Supernova 2 Guitars ... Gibson SG, Hohner H6, Fender Strat 56 Bass ... Fender Jazz pr, Epiphone D.A.W. ... Cubase, Nuendo, Wavelab Mics SM57s & 58s, AJG & a few pzms VSTIs ... Bucket load Desk ... Korg Zero 8 Midi Controller ... Nektar Impact LX61+
Anything else?
Lets open of the concept and begin this Spiritual Revolution to get away from and begin to dismantle this capitalist based system we have enslaved ourselves into and open our minds and eyes into striving towards the resource based system we so badly need for us to succeed for our future. To start with it would be very good for everybody to watch this documentory on Ancient Origins that i have put the link to below. https://youtu.be/Jv-5upvJpJs
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