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Mad-Mike (solo)
Mad-Mike (solo)
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Mad-Mike solo picks up where M.J. left off with a slightly new direction - Post-Punk meets Heavy Metal.
Old Computer Factory
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Sepia Toned Summers
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2600 Games
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Rock Mine
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My solo project is a merger of Post-Punk and Hard Rock with a sonic visual twist to it. It follows the concepts of music being "places" and listening to it is to travel those places in your mind.
Band/artist history
It's basically me solo. I started off doing a different quasi-solo project called M.J. from 1996-2012, it had a bit of a similar feel, but I decided I wanted to do something a bit more aimed at the kind of music I'm into doing nowadays. Early demos started in 2013 right after the "Back to the Mower Shed" demo was done - There was "Laryngitis Rough" - when I was still planning to do vocals on this project - maybe if I build a good vocal booth that will stop my neighbors from calling the cops on the screamier numbers, I'll do some songs - I do have some good poetry to put to music. Another demo was made in 2014 called "Anger Strategies" - which will likely be reused for a full album. Right now I'm working on the first Self-Titled Release which should be out sometime next year
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I used to with my other projects - places like The Hard Rock in Seattle, The Central, The Fuel, Club Motor, used to be a regular at Flights and Hayley's in Everett for a long time.
Your musical influences
Well, there's the old stuff, people who know me know my go-to bands are The Cars and Nirvana - has been since I was 12. I know it sounds weird but video games are still an influence as well, anything from Pac-Man to Five Nights at Freddy's - I can get some REAL inspiration from video games sometimes in sort of a "I think this would make a good atmosphere for this place". The biggest influences on this project I'd say has been getting into Post-Punk bands from England in the late 70's/early 80's more recently, such as The Comsat Angels, The Sound, and The Chameleons - and then mixing that with the guitar driven side. That whole chorused/reverb/washy vibe - I love that.
What equipment do you use?
On guitars, I use a huge collection of about 30 guitars, most of em' cheap clunkers or home-built parts mutts and custom ideas. Most of the time I use my main squeezes - a 1995 EMG Equipped Fender Jag-Stang nicknamed "Nikki", a 1998 Fender Jaguar known as "Bettie", a custom home-built Jazzmaster, the Hempfest Musicmaster with custom pickup, a custom Memphis Fat Strat my wife picked out, the 07' Squier Affinity Butterscotch Tele, and a 1983 Hondo Paul Dean II. Currently I'm running these through a Digitech RP250 for my main sound, setup to sound like my Bugera 333XL. I use a few pedals as well, usually a BOSS DD7 Digital Delay, Digitech Whammy, and a Behringer PH-9 Phaser. For bass I use the same effects just a different virtual amp setup to sound more like a Bassman 410 with a bit of grit on it. For synthesizer, drums, and synth guitar, I use a Casio DG-1, a Casio DG-10 (soon), and a Roland Juno Di with a MadKatz Fender Mustang Pro Rockband 3 controller setup as a MIDI Guitar controller. All these run direct into one of my crazy old PC's, recorded with whatever multitrack software I can initially download for free. Currently I use REAPER as my primary DAW.
Anything else?
Not really, check out the tunes, buy em' if you like em'.
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