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tiger west
tiger west
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Folk meets electronic dance with a steady through-line of rock. Digital meets natural. Dark lyrics entwine with child-sparkle guitar solos. Skillful low-fi laye
the lonely ghost song
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stone heart
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undo me
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lying in the heat of your arms
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the lonely ghost song
Come out, come out is an inventive debut album in a category all it's own; folk meets electronic dance with a steady through-line of rock. Digital meets natural. Dark lyrics entwine with child-sparkle guitar solos. With skillful low-fi layering and mantra-inspired repetition the listener is invited into the compelling, contradictory, transformative, signature world of Samantha West.
Band/artist history
Songwriter Samantha West surrounded herself with music from a very young age, learning music theory on piano as a child. After moving to NYC she started playing drums in various bands in the rock scene. Several years later, Samantha decided it was time to step away from that as she entered a time of deep self reflection in her life. Eventually, she followed the resonance that accompanied learning to chant. Things started happening on a cellular level and only grew from there. After finding an old parlor guitar in her grandfather's cellar, she began to teach herself to play. Three years later, Samantha started discovering different ways to record her music and it opened up a whole new world for her. She began recording day in and day out for 12 hour stretches at a time. It was shortly after that Tiger West was born. As Samantha puts it, "The way I record is pretty idiosyncratic. Not only the equipment and the instruments, which are often quite unconventional (and top secret, like the percussion on Ship Off), but also the way I approach the process of recording and mixing. When Im in the recording studio, each sound, each instrument is like its own little creature. Its outside and a bit beyond me. It becomes a being unto itself. As much as its me creating these songs, I also listen to the creatures as they speak to me. They can be hungry or thirsty, wild and wily, sometimes they want to play or go for a swim, sometimes theyre too loud and rambunctious, getting a little too carried away, and need to be quieted." Tiger West is currently booking shows in Manhattan and Brooklyn, and is hoping to set up a small tour for the near future. She is also planning to release a music video for the upcoming "Boyhood" single. The video will be the first of a two part series that engages the subject of gender, bodies, and identities.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yes! Currently in Brooklyn and Manhattan. Every show has special moments.
Your musical influences
Too many artists and bands to mention here! Though, most importantly, over the last few years the sounds, songs and melodies of the natural world inspire me the strongest. As well as my work with mantra. Try to understand how that made my album sound the way it does!
What equipment do you use?
Very little. Honestly, it would be revealing too much to say.
Anything else?
I'm very excited to share that I'm releasing my first music video, "Boyhood" next month. It engages the subject of gender, bodies and identities.
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